Syraq SITREP 31: SecState Tillerson Commits Trump Admin to U.S. Occupation of Eastern Syria


from Rogue Money:

As experienced Mideast correspondent Elijah J. Magnier observes, in a piece picked up by Zerohedge, Daesh would have never been puffed up into a terrorist super army, if it were not for the not so covert support of the Gulf States and NATO governments. Together with Israel, which overtly aided Al-Qaeda on its borders and whose commanders confessed they preferred the Takfirists presence to that of Iranian advisers, these nations ‘deep states’ cynically sought to funnel the terrorists into the war against Assad and Iran.

By design, the vacuum left behind by Daesh defeat has been filled by American boots on the ground, a classified but estimated 4,000 soldiers and contractors, spread across at least nine bases large and small in the Kurdish areas of Syria. This development and the deliberately provocative announcement of an American proxy army composed of Kurds has antagonized Turkey, a former abettor of ISIS, to move against the YPG Kurds armed and trained by U.S. special forces. Despite the U.S. Secretary of State Rex Tillerson affirming a commitment to a long term (and illegal under international law) occupation east of the Euphrates for the nominal purpose of checking Iran and pressuring Assad, it isn’t clear to date whether both Moscow and Washington will again tacitly cooperate to limit Ankara’s incursions into Syrian Kurdish areas.

You Occupy (Part of It), You Own It:
Trump, Tillerson Can No Longer Blame Neocons if Things Go South Fast in Syria

The Russian Analyst is disgusted, but not surprised by the casual acceptance by American mainstream media and population of a Secretary of State announcing a (totally illegal under international law) occupation on the sovereign territory of a country whose internationally recognized government rejects the U.S. military presence. Certainly the hypocrisy of Washington openly dismembering the territorial integrity of a smaller state while accusing Moscow of doing the same through the much smaller Russian footprint of GRU ‘polite people’ in the formerly Ukrainian controlled Donbass republics is rich.

Nor is it surprising that prominent alt-media figures who would have rightly condemned such moves under Presidents Dubya or Obama like Infowars’ Alex Jones go easy on the President or attribute the policy to the malign influence of neocons nominally under his command, like UN Ambassador Nikki Haley or the aggressively anti-Iranian/Russian generals National Security Adviser H.R. McMaster and Secretary of Defense James Mattis. Nonetheless, given Tillerson’s reputation for having cut deals with the Russian government while running Exxon and a more pragmatic, non-neocon profile emerging from the global energy industry, his announcement of such an inherently contradictory and thus doomed policy is doubly disappointing.

No longer can Trump blame the policy on aides he inexplicably fails for the 4d chess crowd to sack (most likely due to the influence of pro-Israel megadonors like Sheldon Adelson conveyed through the derisively dubbed by the banished Steve Bannon ‘Javanka’, the daughter and son in law duo who convinced the CINC to strike a Syrian air field after last April’s chemical false flag). If American soldiers start coming back in flag-draped coffins from Syria due to either ISIS or Damascus aligned Hezbollah attacks, Trump will own the political backlash, both from those who already hated him, and among his America First base, to whom he promised (unlike that warmonger Hillary) not to fight Assad.

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