Govt Shutdown “Uncertainty” May Spoil The Cartel’s Efforts To Keep Gold & Silver In Tight Price Ranges


from SilverDoctors:

SD Outlook: The cartel has been in control so far in 2018, but that could all be about to change. Here’s why…

We put out some good analysis of the current government shutdown, and we included what it looked like for gold & silver the last time the government shut down (October 2013).

The perspective in that article centers around looking at what could happen to gold & silver.

What wasn’t covered was the action in the VIX the last time the government shutdown.

So we’ve dug up that chart for our SD Outlook:

Well, look at that.

VIX spiked on the government shutdown, and as the shutdown continued and neared it’s end, the VIX dropped back down to where it was when it started.

How do you know that there are no real markets anymore until the governments and central bankers finally lose their grips?

Well, the VIX farce of 2018 of course:

We have fundamental “uncertainty” with the government of the world’s largest economy, yet the VIX is poised to drop (at least in the pre-market).

Which bring us to gold & silver.

Overnight there was some movement in either direction to bring the metals back to unch:

Interestingly, on Sunday evening, and overnight, notice that range we have been talking about in silver.

The cartel seems to be wanting a range of $.10 to either side of $17.

Are their dials really that fine tuned right now?

It’s almost as if there is risk to the cartel if silver closes above $17.10 when options expire this week, but there is also risk to the cartel if silver closes below $16.90.

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