Op Ed: Political Division Is A Hysterical Charade Maintained By Corporate Press


by Elizabeth Vos, Disobedient Media:

Disobedient Media has reported consistently on issues that are misrepresented or censored by establishment press. However, this author has never addressed the “why” and the “how” of corporate media theatrics, which are so omnipresent in our daily lives.

I recently discussed the false dichotomy of political parties and ideologies, as maintained by legacy outlets, with Suzie Dawson. Dawson is a journalist, activist, and current leader of the Internet Party of New Zealand, and we have collaborated on a world-first journalistic initiative called DecipherYou, focused on analyzing the content of never-before-reported Snowden files in real time. At some points during the ongoing series, Dawson and I engage in discussions that transcend the immediate significance of data points in the files themselves and address the bigger picture in which they are relevant. It is one such discussion that inspired this editorial.

A growing number of incredibly talented independent journalists and sharp-witted comedians have encapsulated the manipulative reality that undergirds Western media narratives. Caitlin JohnstoneLee CampJimmy Dore, the late great George Carlin and many others have addressed the divisive political theatre as well as the plutocratic reality that underpins such gaslighting. This article does not represent the first or last time the undercurrent of our collective social drama has been pointed out.

Illustrating this point, The Hill recently reported that a staggering 49% of Americans believe the country is: “run for the benefit of a small elite.” In other words, a vast portion of Americans are at least superficially familiar with the concept that the media representation of US politics does not serve the public at large and it functions to a large extent as propoganda.

Disobedient Media recently reported on establishment Democrats’ subversion of the Democratic process in the 2016 Primary race, and their attempts to deflect from the revelation of their corruption by focusing exclusively on the largely discredited Russian hacking narrative. Allegations of Russian hacking, then Russian collusion, then Russian social media trolls consumed corporate media attention for what seemed like the entirety of 2017.

Legacy press’s hysterical neo-McCarthyism was thankfully countered by a growing field of independent journalists. Many, including Robert Parry of Consortium NewsCaitlin JohnstoneHA GoodmanVIPS, Redacted Tonight and others, called the massive gaslighting attempt for the fraud that it was throughout the past year. This author was humbled to report on the narrative-shattering analysis of The Forensicator and Adam Carter, investigative journalists and analysts in their own right who have individually excised truth from specious lies in regards to Guccifer 2.0, Crowdstrike and key elements of the Russian hacking allegations.

Despite this, anti-Russian hysteria has poured from every major cable news outlet, magazine and corporate news site. The carnival did appear to successfully hypnotize an appalling number of Americans. Trump was characterized as a puppet of Putin, and anyone who denied this fact was labeled an agent of the Kremlin.

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