by Paul Joseph Watson, Infowars:

Former Democrats express glee at president’s achievements

In an apparent effort to pour scorn on the president’s first year in office, CNN traveled to Youngstown, Ohio to ask former Democrats who switched parties to vote for Trump what they thought of his performance, only to discover they were thrilled with the job Trump’s doing.

The report points out that 7,000 registered Democrats in one county switched from being Democrats to Republicans to vote for Donald Trump.

One former Democrat featured in the report said he switched because he realized “the core foundation of the country is slipping away”. Another woman remarked, “It got to the point where I did not like the direction my country was going”.

Perhaps expecting the five former Democrats to express regret that they switched to vote for Trump, CNN’s Martin Savage asked how Trump was doing one year in. The answers were resounding.




“Better than I ever dreamt”.

Unsurprisingly, the Trump supporters are more concerned about jobs and immigration than “the president’s inflammatory tweets and speech,” something that most of the hacks at CNN still can’t seem to get their heads round.

Attempts by the reporter to bait the group, two of whom are black, into saying that Trump is a racist or a liar also fail, with one black Trump voter saying he is confident Trump’s tax cuts will help black businesses in the inner city.

“I’m tired of suave, I’m tired of polished, I’m tired of the teleprompter, I want my country back,” concludes one woman.

“Yes, after a year of 24/7/365 MSM onslaught – the media are unable to break the power behind MAGA. The perspective of this representative group is exactly why Democrats are apoplectic and thrashing wildly for anything to stop President Trump,” comments the Conservative Treehouse.

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