Our Leaders Have Sold America to the United Nations


by Dave Hodges, The Common Sense Show:

The head of UN immigration, boldy and inappropriately stated that the United States should be celebrating mass immigration. The UN is championing the fact that Europe has been overrun by millions of immigrants from Africa and the Middle East from cultures that do not assimilate with the West. The leaders of Western governments are ignoring the rapes, the murders and the massive accomodations that the locals are being subjected to.

In Germany, people cannot cannot criticize the government’s immigration policies, in social media, or risk going to prison. German citizens have been incarcerated for Facebook posts about immigration which are not flattering or supportive of the insanity.  Many German citizens have been forced, as previously reported on The Common Sense Show, to vacate their rented homes in favor of the new immigrants. In Sweden, the number one crime is the rape of Swedish women by immigrants. Please spare me the argument that not all the immigrant participate in these heinous crimes. The fact is that these crimes present a clear and present danger to the locals that did not exist prior to the massive wave of disorganized and unscreened immigration.

In Britain, their National Health Service is on the verge of collapse. Why? It has been crushed under the weight of immigrants that take from the system and do not put anything back (eg pay taxes).

Despite all of these problems, the United Nations champions massive, disorganized immigration. Why? Because it serves to dilute the culture. Oh, I know this is a conspiracy theory and as some would have you believe there is no such thing as a conspiracy. But before you can install a new world order, you must destroy the existing cultures and the spirit of nationalism.

Thing are so bad in France, that the French Jews are saynig in ever-increasing numbers that they are going to have to relocate for their own safety and some are even saying that by 2030, France will be empty of Jews. And through all of this, the United Nations thinks that this is a good idea.

Russian Immigration

Why is it that the Russians are responsive to the needs and safety of their people? Their women are not being raped by immigrants. Their Jewish population does not feel that their entire ethnicity is under threat. Their healthcare is not near collapse because of immigrant related expense.

The Russians are fiercely nationalistic. I deplore their system of government, but I praise their sensitivty to their people. If one wants to enter Russa as an immigrant, they must have permission of the government. They are jailed if they do not. They must also prove they are worthy of being admitted to the country. The Russians have a merit based system of immigration. Unless one can prove that they have something to contribute to Russia, they do not get in. And they damn sure don’t have people marching in the streets demanding special priviliages that the citizens of that country do not get. The Russians make it clear to immigrants that they must have skills that contribute to the country or they do not get in.

As an aside, the Russians drill the population on how to survive a nuclear attack and actually rehearse it. In America, as evidenced by the Hawaii fake attack, we scare the hell out of the people by mistaken announcements of war in which our total lack of citizen preparation shows up.  Out government, in this instance could give a damn about the people. In this spirit, the government does not feel the need for merit based immigration. To hell with the citizens. And people wonder why I advocate for unelecting most incumbents at the Congressional level.

Meanwhile Back In the US

Illegal immigration is producing a financial burden to this country that is unsustainable.

Unauthorized immigrants make up 5.1% of the U.S. labor force. In the U.S. labor force, there were 8.1 million unauthorized immigrants either working or looking for work in 2015. Among the states, Nevada (10%), California (9%), Texas (9%) and New Jersey (8%) had the highest shares of unauthorized immigrants in their labor forces. In most cases, taxes are not being collected. Off-the-books workers are being abused because who are they going to complain to?

About 7% of K-12 students had at least one unauthorized immigrant parent in 2014. Among these students, about eight-in-ten (79%) were born in the U.S. In Nevada, almost one-in-five students (18%) have at least one unauthorized immigrant parent, the largest share in the nation. Other top states on this measure are California (13%), Texas (13%) and Arizona (11%). This is a financial burden that our schools cannot bear. One could argue that if these people were citizens, they would be paying taxes and supporting  their education. One could also argue that if we had proper border enforcement, this would be a moot point.

The Death of America Will Come Through the Refuge/Resettlement

At the heart of the resettlement of well-meaning and deserved refugees are radicalized Muslims who mean us harm. What percent would make up that make up this population who would mean us harm? The FBI has repeatedly stated that about 10% of all Muslims are radicalized to various degrees. But yes, I am talking about these Middle East immigrants who have the very same same mindset that have invaded Europe and we see act after act of terrorism and criminal behavior in Europe.

At the heart of the resettlement are private, for-profit organizations who are masquerading as churches involved in a humanitarian cause. When in fact, these churches who are actually for-profit ventures that have taken over the “Christian function” and are selling America out under the guise of Christian humanitarian causes. Catholic Charities leads the way, followed by the Lutherans and the Episcopalians. And of course, a strong case can be made that the Pope has sold out American Catholics with his indefensible plan on Muslim immigration and his notion of how the middle class is expected to accept and fund this invasion with their own money.

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