Leaked Pentagon Report Confirms ‘Radioactive Tsunami’ Is Not Just A ‘Conspiracy Theory’: Most Devastating Russian Secret Weapon Could Kill Millions


by Stefan Stanford, All News Pipeline:

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While Hillary Clinton, the DNC and the mainstream media are more than happy to call many stories published by the independent news media ‘fake news’, we get more proof today within a new Daily Mail story that quite often, the independent news media is simply way ahead of the completely censored MSM.

While on Monday, the Daily Mail put out a story titled “Russia has an underwater nuclear drone capable of carrying a 100-megaton warhead, leaked Pentagon report says” within which they reported upon a top-secret Russian submarine called ‘Status-6’, code-named ‘Kanyon’ by the Pentagon here in the US, we here at ANP weren’t the least bit surprised. 

With ‘Status-6’ designed to have the capability of carrying 100-megaton nuclear warheads and detonating them underwater, back on May 3rd of 2017, we published a story on ANP in which we reported on the capabilities of ‘Status-6’ which include potentially creating a tsunami of up to 500 meters high. In fact, all the way back on December 16th of 2016, Dr. Peter Vincent Pry submitted a story to ANP which was titled “Insider Warns Russian ‘Robot Submarines’ Could Carry ‘Mysterious Doomsday Bombs’ Capable Of Generating Tsunamis Able To Inundate US Coastal Cities And Seaboard”

As we had reported in our May 3rd story, The Washington Free Beacon had reported upon ‘Kanyon’ all the way back in December of 2016 while also in December of that year, the Independent Barents Observer published a story titled “Did Russia test doomsday weapon in Arctic waters?” within which they reported the following stunning information.:

A (submarine) drone diving down to 1,000 meters could go undetected with its payload to the American east coast. 

Designed to cause devastating damage.

“The drone is designed to destroy important economic installations of the enemy in coastal areas and cause guaranteed devastating damage to the country’s territory by creating wide areas of radioactive contamination, rendering them unusable for military, economic or other activity for a long time,” reads the translation BBC made from the slide shown by Channel One. 

Speaking to the BBC, Konstantin Sivkov with the Russian Geopolitical Academy says a 100 megatons warhead could produce a tsunami up to 500 meters high, wiping out all living things 1,500 kilometers deep inside US territory. 

From the 2016 Washington Free Beacon story.:

Russia calls the drone development program the “Ocean Multipurpose System ‘Status-6.'” 

The developer is Russia’s TsKB MT Rubin design bureau, the defense industry entity that builds all Russia’s submarines. 

U.S. intelligence agencies estimate the Kanyon secret underwater drone will be equipped with megaton-class warheads—the largest nuclear weapons in existence, with the killing power of millions of tons of TNT. 

The weapon likely could be used against U.S. ports and bases, including those used by ballistic missile submarines.

As we reported in our May 3rd ANP story, a tsunami created by ‘Kanyon’ could bring a nuclear nightmare to America with a radioactive wave potentially barrelling hundreds of miles inland, leaving most of the East coast underwater as we see in the US topography map below which shows anything in shades of gray underwater should a 1,500′ high tsunami strike the East coast. 

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