Guest Post: “Why bees have it figured out and we don’t”, by AGXIIK


by AGXIIK, TF Metals:

The Three-Body problem essay goes quite a ways into why we humans are not good at recognizing solar and global minimums.  We could prepare years in advance given the knowledge available from 6,000 years of recorded history but we don’t.  Every solar minimum results in human chaos and the collapse of empires and yet we don’t see it coming until it’s too late.

Instead, we listen to the witch doctors and shamans who say that weather is human-caused and not something else.  If it was caused by something else, something outside of our control,  like the solar cycles, they couldn’t make billions off inaccurate predictions while maintaining near absolute power and control of the meteorological priesthood caste; those  charged with the responsibility of predicting weather which, in reality, holds the power over life and death. 

Some of us remember the mantra of the 1970s.  Global Cooling.

From a sale standpoint, that was a non-starter. A marketing group was hired after the moneyed classes funding Global Cooling LLC heard the prediction that 2 mile high glaciers were going to flatten Manhattan.  That didn’t go over so well even if it was a tad more accurate in the long pull.  Still, the  solar minimum was quite predictable 40 years ago. Now it’s upon us. Many focus groups later someone came up with the idea that Global Warming, now called Climate Change, would sell better. 

They rebranded their product, complete with hockey stick graphs, appropriate musings from the climatologist Amen corner and top politicians replete with Nobel Prizes and Academy Awards and suggested that we forget everything that we heard in the past.  This was the New New and, by God,  these people were going to be right even if it killed us.

Most people only start listening to these gurus when the weather gets really bad. To the Weather Channel marketing crew, “If it bleeds it leads” so they go into hysterical overdrive about the latest winter hurricane 3 days late.   The listeners completely fail to prepare for sub zero temperatures or hurricanes and end up in harm’s way, dragging others to rescue them when their mediocre plans fail because they listened to the news hawks who are either wrong or late.

Climate change cannot be allowed to let us see the reality of year over year sub zero temperatures at a time when the ice caps are melting, the seas are rising,  and polar bears are homeless, or so they say.  Global warming is just around the corner and besides which, in the world of Double Speak, it totally explains sub freezing temperatures.

Bees have climate change figured out, as the author tells in his article. Later in the article the author  note that we see no bees in the Game of Thrones.  Dragons?  Yes, 3 of them. But no bees. Maybe it was a script oversight.  

A apiarist knows his bees are smart enough to prepare for winter months in advance. But what if all the preparation didn’t prepare for winter coming 2 months early, 5 degrees below expected temperatures and lasting 4 years.  What becomes of the bees which are responsible for 90% of the fruit and vegetable pollination cycle? 

They die.   We die.

Some on the TFMR  boards have taken up the banner, talking about the solar cycle and how it’ll affect us within a year or two.   The information coming out about the solar minimum might not be common knowledge now but most of us here are well ahead of the curve on that subject.  Anyone living above a certain latitude should be preparing now for the real possibility that extreme low temperatures are almost certain to come their way and stay.

About 3 years ago Montana Mel, a TFMR subscriber, first introduced me to the Maunder Minimum, a devastating solar-caused cold snap that left its indelible impression on all of Northern Europe and most of America, rewriting history as populations of both regions struggled to survive.  I mislabeled all solar cycles as the Maunder Minimum. It has a catchy ring to it.  But it’s correctly called a solar minimum

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