Liberals Outraged to Learn Animal Rights Org Has Trump Supporter Running Social Media


by Cassandra Fairbanks, The Gateway Pundit:

The goal of the Beagle Freedom Project is to rescue animals from laboratories and find them loving homes after they are no longer being used for research. It is a uniting effort that nearly every American can and should rally around — but not according to some on the left.

Some animal rights activists are now trying to get a member of BFP fired for the unspeakable crime of supporting President Donald Trump.

Ryan Moore, BFP’s Vice President of Social Media and Social Media Fundraising was a life-long Democrat. Since he was hired at the organization in 2013, he has increased their Facebook followers from 65K to 841K, their Twitter followers from 5K to 41K and their Instagram following from 2K to 97K.

Between his work at BFP and the Animal Rescue Corps, Moore has raised over $2 million in social media donations — including a contribution of $500,000 for BFP in a social media voting contest to become a global partner for Microsoft’s Upgrade Your World initiative.

Moore’s remarkable accomplishments and clear passion for animal rights should be commended by those with a desire to protect our furry friends — but over the past few years he gradually found himself moving towards the right.

“I was a lifelong Democrat and I was anti-gun, but my life experiences changed my views on gun rights. Over the last 2-3 years I gradually became a Republican,” Moore told the Gateway Pundit of his shift from left to right. “The Democratic Party alienated me by being extremely anti-gun and wanting to restrict or take away my ability to defend myself. I am proud American and believe in the US Constitution. I have always been a big supporter of buy American/hire American and of course I’m in favor of keeping terrorists out of the United States.”

A National Rifle Association member, Moore sometimes retweets them or other right-wing political content on his personal Twitter account. This lead to a BFP supporter launching a campaign to get him fired — despite all the good he does for the cause.

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