A Quiet Start To A Week That Could End With A Spectacular Chinese Fireworks Display


from SilverDoctors:

SD Outlook: All things are quiet as the U.S. celebrates MLK Jr Day, but the week could end with a Spectacular Chinese Fireworks Display. Here’s why…

Today is a federal holiday and a day when markets are closed, and many employees are off of work, and students are off of school.

The markets are closed today, but last night, futures trading in some of the markets did open.

We saw overnight action in the commodities and in the precious metals. So far so good.

Silver seems to be maintaining the strength from last Friday:

As does gold:

Which is nice to see because there was no Sunday night smash in the metals.

The gold to silver ratio is pointing out that the arbitrage may start to close soon:

Platinum looks like it is holding up on it’s own:

Although it is very overbought on the RSI.

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