Ex CIA Analyst: FBI ‘Short-Circuited’ Democracy in 2016 Vote, Not Russia


from Sputnik News:

Russia-gate is more likely turning into FBI-gate, in the aftermath of the official release of strings of unguarded text messages between Peter Strzok, second in command of counterintelligence at the CIA and his loose-lipped girlfriend, FBI lawyer Lisa Page.

In a special report  published on Consortiumnews, former CIA analyst Ray McGovern stated that due to Strzok and Page’s general cyber security negligence in conducting their private affairs through office phones, there appeared documented proof that key US intelligence figures were trying to undermine the democratic process in the US. 

“Despite his former job as chief of the FBI’s counterintelligence section, Strzok had the naive notion that texting on FBI phones could not be traced. Strzok must have slept through ‘Security 101.’ Or perhaps he was busy texting during that class,” McGovern wrote.

More of the Strzok-Page texting dialogue is expected to be released. The Department of Justice Inspector General has reportedly obtained damaging texts from others on the team that Special Counsel Robert Mueller engaged in his Russia-gate investigation.

In one of the messages, Page assumed Strzok was meant to stay where he was “because you’re meant to protect the country from that menace [Trump],” thus using his leverage in the agency to meet that objective.

The author or the report reiterated a multiple times that the Russian meddling “assessment”, initially issued by President Obama’s Director of National Intelligence James Clapper back in January 2017, is virtually evidence-free and demonstrates “the curious inability of the National Security Agency to use its immense powers to supply any technical evidence to support the Russia-hack scenario.” Still, this didn’t by any means stop the Russia-gate narrative from being broadly accepted in the media and elsewhere. 

 “For months, the [New York] Times and other newspapers of record repeated the lie that all 17 U.S. intelligence agencies had concurred in the conclusion about the Russian ‘hack.’ Even when that falsehood was belatedly acknowledged, the major news outlets just shifted the phrasing slightly to say that U.S. intelligence agencies had reached the Russian ‘hack’ conclusion.”

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