Free Speech Under Fire, Liberty Strikes Back – Nathan McDonald (11/01/2018)


by Nathan McDonald, Sprott Money:

Today, Project Veritas—known for multiple bombshell reports via undercover investigations into government agencies and the mainstream media—have once again delivered in spades.

After recently exposing mainstream media outlets such as CNN and the Washington Post for their left-leaning bias and anti-Trump rhetoric (something well known to all, but still shocking to hear from the horse’s mouth), they have released another massive video. This time the victim is game-changing: Twitter.

For the past year, those who have taken part in the “conversation” on this social media platform are well aware of exactly what James O’Keefe discusses in the video below, which clearly shows Twitter employees explaining a process known as “shadow banning”.

Shadow banning can be summed up very simply:

Imagine yourself in a room with hundreds of other people, possibly even thousands to tens of thousands. In this room, you have the ability to move around and talk to people, to listen to others’ voices and opinions. Perhaps you agree with them, perhaps not. As in the case with Twitter, you are predominately discussing news events inside this room. Whether they are political, or not, is your choice, but in this scenario, let’s say the topic of conversation is just that: politics.

Undoubtedly, in this room, as anywhere in life, arguments will erupt. They will get heated and not everyone will agree with everyone else. This is OK. This is the way we have made progress throughout much of human history, eventually finding middle ground with one another. This is the adult thing to do, and it’s normal—perhaps even necessary—in a functioning society.

Now imagine within this room, there are puppet masters that reside above all others. In Twitter’s case, these puppet masters have an incredibly left-leaning bias, which is not wrong in and of itself. What is wrong, however, is that these puppet masters have the ability to control the flow of information by placing a box over those with whom they don’t agree. In this case: anyone who is gaining traction, or speaking out too loudly, on the right.

If you happen to be placed in one of these boxes—which I have been many times before in the past, as I regularly do gain traction now with over 15,000 Twitter followers—you can still see everyone in the room. You can still hear, you can still speak, but no one can hear you. Worst of all, you don’t know that you are placed within this box, as you receive no warning and no indication other than the fact that your tweets suddenly lose total traction, whereas minutes before they were moving at rapid-fire speed, being re-tweeted and liked at a feverish pace.

Eventually, this box is removed and you can move about your business as normal … until once again you dare step out of line and engage in “wrong think.”

Many of us within the precious metals space can relate to this report by Project Veritas. I, for one, am well aware of this ongoing attack on free speech. The MSM has also attempted to silence and control opinions they do not agree with by reporting on key facts and omitting others, an action known as “lying through omission.”

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