FBI Uncovers Child Sex Trafficking Ring in Michigan using Modeling Agency and Illegal Alien Gang


from GoldWater:

An absolutely disturbing report coming out of Michigan that a head of a child modeling agency in Michigan has been indicted for multiple charges including being involved in a conspiracy responsible for child sex trafficking and child pornography, that’s also tied to a powerful street gang.

Federal Agents began investigating the modeling agency, based out of Livonia, where authorities believed that the agency was directly tied to the sex trafficking of minors out of Shiawassee County.

Instinct Entertainment, LLC., and their Chief Executive Director Ryan Ulman was brought before a United States District Court in Detroit, Michigan on January 5th on a single count of receiving child pornography following an investigation launched by the Federal Bureau of Investigation.

The case was kept close to the chests of Federal Prosecutors, where its believed Ulman is set to enter into a plea deal to help take down the other members of the child sex trafficking operation.

This case involved a gang in Michigan known as the Spanish Cobras, who are based out of Flint, in which the FBI says are directly tied into the sexual trafficking of the minor children.

Despite my best efforts to research the Spanish Cobras gang, the most information I could find through Wikipedia was that the group originated as a gang in Chicago in the 1960s, based out of Humboldt Park.

It appears however as if the gang has branched outward in recent decades, and now has involved itself into the heart of Michigan.

A criminal complaint which was first issued by a patriotic FBI Special Agent, Henrik Impola; alleges that the 28-year-old owner of Instinct Entertainment LLC, Ryan M. Ulman, both received and possessed child pornography with the latest known date being on September 18th of 2017.

The offenses are punishable by up to 20 years’ imprisonment, which it’s believed will be the plea deal for Ulman in exchange for his assistance in testimony against the Spanish Cobras gang.

United States Magistrate Judge Elizabeth A. Stafford signed off on the complaint in Detroit earlier this fall, as reported by Click on Detroit earlier this fall.

FBI Special Agent Impola is a longstanding member of the FBI Flint North East Michigan Trafficking and Exploitation Crimes task force, who stated that for nearly two years now his agency has been investigating the violent Flint-based Spanish Cobras Gang.

Special Agent Impola says that the disturbing gang is involved in the production of methamphetamine, and the worst part, the sexual trafficking of children.

Agents ended up interviewing dozens of minor victims who were addicted to heroin and meth in Owosso; stating that the gang would recruit the girls, sometimes kidnapping them, only to force narcotics upon them and turn them into controllable addicts similar to zombies, Impola wrote.

As the FBI continued to pursue leads on their original drug investigation, America was undergoing a dramatic shift via a new President of the United States of America, Donald J. Trump, who along with his daughter and his cabinet made it a crucial issue to put an end to child sex trafficking in the United States of America.

The Attorney General of the United States of America, Jeff Sessions, then gave the Bureau full resources to attempt to infiltrate the organization for its sex trafficking ties.

This brought the investigation into an entirely new realm of potential; and it would soon be discovered that many of the girls who were victims of the Spanish Cobras Gang, were also being filmed through a child modeling agency; which turned out to be Instinct Entertainment LLC., led by Ulman.

“Ulman did not appear to be associated with the child prostitution operation, so after the FBI received information that Ulman was using his modeling agency to entice girls under the age of 18 to send him images of child pornography, a separate investigation was initiated,” Impola wrote.

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