The Year in Weird: 15 Unforgettable Stories in 2017 World News


by Ben Kew, Breitbart:

Although failing to match up to the dizzying heights of a U.S. presidential election year, 2017 has been another eventful year for world politics.

From President Donald Trump’s inauguration to the escalating nuclear crisis in North Korea, to the ousting of Zimbabwean dictator Robert Mugabe, 2017 has brought many extraordinary moments.

However, some other moments have left many lost for words. Here are some of them:

Donald Trump Implies Kim Jong-Un Is ‘Short and Fat’

In November, President Donald Trump implied North Korean dictator Kim Jong-un was “short and fat” in a tweet that sent the internet into a tailspin.

Trump was responding to North Korea’s foreign ministry statement on his tour of Asia said that his “current trip to our surrounding region is a warmonger’s visit for confrontation to rid the [Democratic People’s Republic of Korea] of its self-defensive nuclear deterrence.”

During a speech to the United Nations, Trump also described Kim Jong-Un as a “little rocket man” who is on a “suicide mission for himself and his regime.”

The Trump Orb

Donald Trump “broke the Internet” during the inauguration of the Global Center for Combating Extremist Ideology Sunday in Riyadh in May after touching a brightly lit globe with Saudi King Salman bin Abdulaziz and Egyptian president Abdel Fatah al-Sisi.

Images of the ceremony quickly went viral, with the Internet quickly dubbing the object “the Trump orb.”

Rodrigo Duterte Admits He Nearly Became Bisexual

Philipino President Rodrigo Duterte is known for his outlandish and aggressive remarks, causing jitters amongst human rights campaigners across the world. Yet the Filipino strongman surprised people when he admitted he was a supporter of LGBT rights and had even considered becoming bisexual himself.

“I am for (same) sex marriage if that is the trend of modern times,” Duterte said. “If that will add to your happiness, I am for it.” According to the Telegraph, Duterte also confirmed “he had gay family members” and admitted, “that he once toyed with the idea of being bisexual.”

A presidential spokesperson later confirmed Duterte’s views.

“President Duterte is the president of all Filipinos. This administration has long espoused inclusivity and sensitivity. We make no distinction,” he declared. “We are all Filipinos enjoying our rights, freedom, and equality before the law.”

Nicolás Maduro’s ‘Civilian Boot Camp” to Prepare for War with U.S.

In a year in which the formerly thriving country of Venezuela formalized its dictatorship, the country’s socialist leader Nicolás Maduro continued to deliver his predecessor Hugo Chávez’s threatening rhetoric against the United States.

Days after the White House announced additional sanctions against Venezuelan government officials and their families, Maduro declared that his troops needed to “prepare” for any potential attack during a military parade in the city of Maracay.

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