U.S. ECONOMIC CRISIS AHEAD: Major Failure Of Analysts To Spot Danger


by Steve St. Angelo, SRSrocco:

The U.S. economy continues towards an epic crisis while the overwhelming majority of analysts are completely in the dark.  Even though some alternative media analysts understand that our highly leveraged fiat monetary system and markets will crash, they fail to understand the underlying reasons.  Thus, we are heading into a future we are not prepared because… the BLIND continues to lead the BLIND.

I don’t mean to be harsh on my fellow analysts, but the truth remains that the public is being misled due to the inability of market analysts unable to spot the real dangers.  So, we continue to move step-by-step closer to the edge of the cliff while “no one seems to notice or no one seems to care” (George Carlin-comedian).  I have to tell you; I miss ole George Carlin.  Yes, he had a filthy mouth, but the truth in his comedic material gave me hours of much-needed laughter.

To explain what I mean about the “Major failure of analysts to spot Danger,” I am going to provide two examples and some additional information.  It is crucial that the reader understand the FACTS and REAL DATA about our dire predicament and not become lost or confused in regards to lousy conspiracies or misinformation.

When I wrote the article, THE BLIND CONSPIRACY: The Gold Market Is Heading Towards A Big Fundamental Change; I thought for sure the individual and his analysis that I was calling into question would read the facts and data in my article and realize his error.  However, it seems as if it provided quite the opposite reaction.

Mr. Weir spent 50 minutes of his time putting together another video about the Massive Billion Ounces of Hidden Gold in the Grand Canyon:

Mr. Weir thought by reading the 1912 New York Times article in detail and by explaining some additional exploration and geological information about gold in the Grand Canyon to his followers, this would further prove his Road To Roota Theory.  Unfortunately, the rereading of an old article to prove a point does not change the fact that the gold in the Grand Canyon was uneconomical to mine in 1912 as it is today.  Nothing has changed in over 100 years.  Investors in 1912 were just as gullible and stupid as some investors are today.

To provide more detail to my readers and possibly those who are still questioning the 1 million tons of gold in the Grand Canyon, I came across some excellent historical information about the Lee Ferry Gold Mining Operation 1909-1912.  If you read the information below and you still believe the U.S. Government turned the Grand Canyon into a National Park to keep billions of ounces of gold off the market, then you probably also believe in the TOOTH FAIRY and SANTA CLAUS.

Again, I don’t mean to be blunt, but it is very important for individuals to be able to discern between FACT & FICTION because they need to be prepared for the future.  My motivation to SET THE RECORD STRAIGHT is only to get individuals to understand that you must move away from Grand Conspiracy Illusions to Critical thinking.  While some real conspiracies are taking place in this crazy world of ours, to the focus on them only and not to understand the Falling EROI is gutting everything in its path, then you will not be physically or mentally prepared for what lies ahead.

So, I have provided evidence in two examples why we are wasting our time on incorrect theories and technology when we have much bigger problems ahead.

EXAMPLE #1: Unlearning The False 1 Million Ton Grand Canyon Hidden Gold Theory & Understanding Why Gold Is Rare And Valuable

To be able to disprove an incorrect theory, we have to provide enough factual data and information to render it useless.  If an individual has an open mind and can think logically or critically, the facts once shown below should remove all doubts and concerns.

I came across an excellent historical document titled, Submerged Cultural Resources Site Report: Charles H Spencer Mining Operation And Paddle Wheel Steamboat.  The report is nearly 100 pages and is full of detail on the gold mining operation that was written about in the 1912 New York Times article that Mr. Weir bases his Road To Roota theory.

At the beginning of the report, it explained how Charles Spencer started mining gold in the Grand Canyon area in 1908:

By 1908 he had amassed enough investment capital to begin his own operation on the San Juan River. Spencer and his company hired a few trained mining specialists, many laborers, bullwhackers, and cooks. A small ore extraction plant consisting of crusher, drive motor, boiler, pumps, compressor, and amalgamators, was purchased and brought together along with wagons, oxen, and horses. Large samples of Wingate sandstone were dropped into the crusher, however tests and assays were run with negative results. The mining engineer hired by the Chicago-based investors declared that the operation had no commercial value and closed it down in 1909 (Jones 1960:1; Waller 1961:1).

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