The Deep State Is Crumbling-Major Confrontations Are Looming


by Dave Hodges, The Common Sense Show:

The Deep State is on the ropes due to some very clever manuvering by Donald Trump.

Last night, I was one of Darin Damme’s guests on his final show on KTAR 92.3 FM, the largest news-talk station in Arizona. Darin’s show was the top rated show, called Reality Check, in the State.

I appeared on air, for 2 segments, with Jon Ritzheimer. Who is Ritzheimer? He was part of the protest group who supported the Bundy family. He did nothing wrong except help a friend protect, within the law, their 5th Amendment property rights. Jon also had the misfortune of entering into a plea agreement and was sentenced to one year prior to the announced release by Judge Navarro in the Bundy case. In other words, nobody from the Bundy et al legal team saw the release coming.

As an aside, Jon has tremendous legal bills as one might imagine. I have invited Jon onto my show, The Common Sense Show, to tell his story and to help him raise money to pay his hefty legal bills. I will have an announcement as to when Jon will appear on my show. I already know that both my reading and listening audience will be very generous in helping Jon defray these costs. Any excess funds we raise will go to LaVoy Finnicum’s family. You may recall that the unarmed Lavoy Finnicum was murdered by the FBI without being given a chance to surrender and he had no arrest warrant issued on him as well. I will have an announcement on this site and on my show when this will take place.

Brief Review of the Facts

On November 26, 2017 in the late evening hours, I received a communication from an FBI agent whom I have I have known for decades. This person is disgusted with the Deep State penetration into their organization and occasionally tells me where to look for information that they think the public should know in order to spur a public reaction.

In this communication, my source wanted to inform me of an event that had taken place with regard to the Bundy Ranch and Oregon Wildlife standoffs.

By order of the President, DOJ agents, including FBI, paid the Bundy judge of record, Gloria Navarro, a visit. They caught informed her that if she did not immediately order the release of the Bundy’s, that was going to be immediately arrested for the following:

  1. Malfeasance of office
  2. Conspiracy to commit grand theft (uranium and other raw materials) from American ranches in the West. This was Navarro’s part in the Uranium One case against the Clinton Foundation.
  3. Violation of the Logan Act in which she conspired with Senator Harry Reid and his son for entering into, or protecting, a violation of dealing with unregistered foreign agents. These unregistered agents would be from the Chinese Army who are placing solar energy farms on BLM and rancher land across the west.
  4. Possible treason for her part in covering up the event in the trial as she denied evidence to be admitted in the trial that would have exposed this national security threat and would have exonerated the Bundy’s and their rancher allies.

i reported these events on November 27, 2017 and the announced release did not take place until almost 3 days later.

I am told that Navarro is caught on tape lying to the FBI, another felony, and she has received unexplained financial renumerations that she possibly benefitted from as a result of her actions on the bench.

An Army of Informants

I have learned that the DOJ is preparing to force Wasserman Schultz, Huma Abedin and Navarro, as well as others, to turn states evidence.The thinking on the part of my source is that the Podesta brothers are publicly going down first. The big question remains on whether Podesta will flip on Hillary Clinton.

It is interesting to note that Alex Jones is reporting that Special Prosecutor, Robert  Mueller, has been formally charged by the DOJ with crimes, including the delivery of highly enriched uranium to a tarmac of an airport in Russia. I reported on this event almost 18 months ago. However, my FBI source stated that they did not believe that Mueller had been formally charged. However, he is cooperating in lieu of being charged at this point in time. The reason that the DOJ would not charge Mueller at this time, is that if he were under indictment for his actions in these related events, he would have to step down from his role as special prosecutor. As of this date, Mueller is a useful idiot in this role because all of his “pretend” investigation into President Trump who is actually setting the stage to do criminal discovery of Clinton and others. Therefore, I do not believe that Mueller has yet been charged. However, he is compromised and is acting in the role of someone who has/will turn state’s evidence. Therefore I agree with Alex Jones in principle.

I want to remind everyone that this country executed the Rosenbergs for selling nuclear secrets to the Russians. Clinton et al, sold nuclear grade material to the Russians. Which is worse? This is why Navarro released the Bundy allies.

Although Mueller has not been charged, it is my belief that Hillary and McCain have been charged. Please refer to the earlier articles I have written on the ever-shifting walking boots that could be used to conceal an ankle bracelet used to track people who are charged and need to be monitored as a result of their release. The evidence related to the potential release of these two nefarious characters is circumstantial. However, when McCain switches a walking boot from one foot to the other, one has to raise serious questions.


By the way, do you recall the Pedogate scandal involving the trafficking of children in DC by the so-called elite? It is true. Many arrests have been made and some of these arrests go back to the Jerry Sandusky Penn State scandal. Please recall that the President of the university has been arrested on these charges as well as Sandusky’s son.

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