Got It Figured Out Yet?


by Karl Denninger, Market Ticker:

Has the light come on yet?

Why do you think the US Congress passed the Sexual Assault Taxpayer Bailout Act by unanimous vote in 1995 — and Bill Clinton signed it?  Why has it not been repealed — and in fact, even today there is no bill on the floor of either House or Senate to repeal it, nor has Trump called for it to be repealed and stated he will refuse to sign any other bill (which is within his power) until it is?

The Hollyweird cabal’s escapades are not just limited to harassment.  We all know about the Michael Jackson allegations.  Then there’s Epstein — and his connections to both the entertainment and political “industries.”  Epstein, I remind you, was convicted and yet of all the people who I’ve ever read about being convicted of that sort of offense he’s the only one who was basically given a slap on the wrist instead of decades in prison.

Worse, all of the others connected to him were not pursued.  At all.  Herr Clinton was of course one of those persons but hardly the only one.  Number of prosecutions of those others?  Zero.

So let’s ask the inconvenient question: Is all of this in the political and media sphere nothing more or less than a monstrous blackmail scheme and that is why it never came out until it suddenly was forced into the public eye by some damning revelations that could not be silenced once they got circulating on Social Media?

Good question.

I’m willing to bet that question will never be asked and explored by any so-called “journalist” and that if it was you would not like the answer.

There’s another side of this as well: This sort of blackmail doesn’t always include actual harassment or assault!  Certainly there are very clear cases (e.g. a photo Senator Al Franken has out there in which he’s obviously boob-grabbing a sleeping woman with a huge ****-eating grin on his face) but then there are the decades-old ones that could easily be harassment or even assault or might not be.

There are people who have a consensual affair that goes bad and they decide to get revenge.  Especially when they can destroy someone wealthy or powerful.  What’s worse is that they don’t have to be the one to use it as a tool of compliance — anyone who knows about it can do so.

How about Roy Moore?  The evidence thus far (a “yearbook”) appears to be forged.  Gloria Allred has refused to turn it over for forensic examination.  What we have learned is that the alleged “victim” had a divorce signed by the Judge which was not disclosed and she might not have liked the outcome.  Motive?  Quite possibly so.  Do we know?  Nope, but her refusal to allow the only piece of physical evidence to be submitted for impartial forensic examination speaks volume as to credibility — and the likelihood that the alleged “event” was fabricated and Gloria Allred knows it.

Extortion and blackmail are two of the oldest games in the book when it comes to illicitly-wielded power.

Whether the target is actually guilty or not (often they are, of course) the power is there, is abused, and, it appears, widely so.

Exactly how many bills did Dennis Hastert not bring to the floor because he was being blackmailed by a kid he apparently diddled years prior?  We’ll never know, but that he paid off said person is now a matter of public record.  We just don’t know when the payoffs started, especially if they weren’t in money, or who he paid — and why.

I remind you that Dennis Hastert was Speaker of the House and had plenary authority to control the agenda of the House — that is, which bills came to the floor and which did not.  Do we have reason to believe that he made any of those thousands of decisions under threat?  Yes.  Do we have evidence he did?  No, but we don’t need to — we know the threat was there, the conduct was there and he later paid off the alleged victim (because he got caught doing it.)

Can we ever prove his conduct in setting the House agenda in the years prior was clean?  Nope.  Nor, unless someone is willing to admit to a serious federal offense (and probably go to prison for it), can we ever prove it wasn’t.  Never mind that if the person doing the blackmailing wasn’t in the US — like, for example, a Russian — they’d be utterly untouchable and never admit it because they’re not about to give up their cudgel!

When it comes to media personalities it’s arguably even worse because they intentionally shape public opinion.  Walter Cronkite’s intentional deception on the Vietnam War, which didn’t come to light for years after we left Saigon, is fact.  When you add to personal animus for or against some political point of view extortion the view from the so-called media gets very murky indeed.

NBC, for example, claims it knew nothing about Matt Lauer’s alleged harassment (and worse; it appears at least one actual assault has been alleged.)  I’m not buying that for 10 seconds, and neither does anyone else with a brain.  Ditto for others in the media and entertainment world, never mind the political.  If Washington DC couldn’t keep one blue cum-stained dress that was only known to Clinton, Monica and perhaps a secret service agent secret the odds NBC brass did not know is zero.

They simply found it convenient — or worse, useful — to not put a stop to it.

Everyone wants to cluck and count here but the issue is far more serious than it appears at the surface.  This is not just about women being harassed.  It is also about serious issues of national security, improper and felonious interference in our political process, the destruction of businesses and even industries through blackmail and extortion and much more.  To the extent there are children involved, and you know damn well there almost-certainly are, it gets even more serious especially given our own government’s refusal to fully investigate and run into the ground everyone implicated in Epstein’s “adventures” given that most of those “exploits” involved underage individuals.

This in turn means our own DOJ and FBI were not only complicit they were likely involved in the extortion and blackmail themselves.  That’s right — our own government was and is involved in it, as their willful refusal to run Lolita Express into the ground continues to this very day — Jeff Sessions and Donald Trump’s exhortations about “the Rule of Law” be damned to Hell.

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