Part 3 Sleaze, Various Other Truth Bombs – Bill Holter


by Bill Holter, Miles Franklin:

We scratched the surface on Government, finance, politics and the rule of law so far.  Today, let’s take a look at sleaze and fraud.  The sleaze part is not just “sensational”.  It is important because in many cases it crosses any decent person’s red line and should piss anyone off who reads it or discovers it.

  The first part is certainly not all inclusive but is wide ranging.  That said, 2018 looks to be shaping up as barn burner for the arrests of child molesters and human traffickers.  Not only are there over 10,000 sealed indictments, President Trump shocked the world by signing this executive order.   I do have concern over this as I believe it steps over the line of considering someone guilty before being proven innocent.  Seizing assets prevents one from defending themselves, but if this is necessary to stop what is going on in the world of pedophilia, so be it.

Executive Order Blocking the Property of Persons Involved …

I, DONALD J. TRUMP, President of the United States of America, find that the prevalence and severity of human rights abuse and corruption that have their source, in …

  I do also want to speak regarding “pizzagate”.  I personally believe it is 100% true based on the leaked e-mails, pedophile logos of the various pizza joints, hanging art in Podesta’s home and even video footage of bands that have played in these “family pizza parlors”.  I can only hope and pray 2018 sees perp walks and major jail time for those involved (I would not vote against public hanging!).  I also believe we will be shocked when we find out just how widespread and pervasive this problem really is.

  The above said, remember this …Hillary was “supposed”  to win. MUCH of what has come out was never supposed to and would not have had she won.  We were headed down a rabbit hole where any moral outrage would have been shouted down …but Hillary did not win.  In fact, many are now on the run and must be freaking out as the rule of law is coming back into town.  It should also be pointed out, “murder(S)” has no statute of limitations.  “His name was Seth Rich”!


GREATEST HITS, 21: Report says DNC files were copied, not …

A report by an IT specialist gives detailed information on how Democratic National Committee (DNC) files that were given to WikiLeaks were copied locally …

Pedophilia and sexual harassment has been rumored for years and was a “dirty secret”.  This all changed in 2017!  As I mentioned above, it crosses (should) the red line of many and may end up being what riles the pubic up enough to begin to wake …we will see?

Years ago Corey Feldman tried to out the pedophiles to no avail.  Maybe because his claims were just “too crazy”?

Then just this year the dam began to break!  Below is just a sampling of what has come out,  Pizzagate is very real and crosses nearly everyone’s “red line”.  The populace will view those in power VERY differently after it is no longer conspiracy theory but proven and hideous fact!

Corey Feldman names Co-Star as molester


Corey Feldman Names The First Name: Accuses Former Co-Star …

While the actor says he has six names, today he decided to release one of them on the Dr. Oz Show. Here’s the latest… from Zero Hedge Corey Feldman has a

Then it started to broaden as Kevin Spacey thought people would be “accepting” of his coming out of the closet.  Can you say “miscalculation”?

This speaks to 15 year olds, will the public still sleep when it comes to 5 year olds?

Then King Harvey was busted and piled onto …

Ex Soros Trader outted, there’s that name again!

Cops too?

Child Brides in America?  This is the stuff 3rd world nations are made of!

Congress’ harassment settlements?  We should have figured this one!

Democrat Congressman who oversees sexual harassment settlements is under FBI investigation …of foxes and henhouses?

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