Signs Of A Market Top? This Pole Dancing Instructor Is Now A Bitcoin Guru


from ZeroHedge:

Pole dancing instructor Dee Heath built a successful fitness business in western Sydney teaching “stripper fitness” classes that seem to be in vogue among millennial women.

But recently, Heath has discovered a new passion: Investing in digital currencies.

Heath has spent $5,800 on Bitcoin since July and has more than tripled her investment.

“Look, I love pole dancing but lately my passion has definitely been Bitcoin,” she told SBS News.

Heath is spending less time on the pole and more time advising would-be bitcoin investors about navigating the world of digital currencies, even starting a website to explain the digital currency to novices.  

“It comes with any investing, it’s volatile at times, especially cryptocurrencies,” she said.

“The good thing is when it goes down, you can buy some more, and you know it’s going to go up at some point.”

Dee Heath

“As long as you’re calm and you don’t let emotions run you when you’re dealing with any sort of cryptocurrency, particularly Bitcoin, then you’re safe.”

Still, there are plenty of skeptics in her native Australia, where digital currencies are still largely associated with the black-market economy thriving on the dark web.

“Australia in particular has been involved in buying and selling drugs on the dark web using cryptocurrencies,” said Professor David Glance from the Centre for Software Practice at The University of Western Australia.

“Many are comparing the buzz around Bitcoin to tulip mania that hit the Netherlands in the 17th century.”

Professor Glance said with such a volatile currency, investors should only buy what they can afford to lose.

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