by Paul Joseph Watson, via The Daily Sheeple:

Is it any wonder BuzzFeed is financially imploding?

BuzzFeed has published a list of “37 things white people need to stop ruining in 2018,” in yet another example of the left’s brazen anti-white racism.

The listicle claims that everything from macaroni and cheese to protests to the national anthem have been spoiled by the involvement of white people.

Below the headline, 37 Things White People Need To Stop Ruining In 2018, the first line of the piece reads, “First of all, America.”

Imagine if Fox News or Breitbart had published a giant list of “things black people are ruining”. There would be an uproar, whereas this will go virtually unnoticed.

To legitimise their racism, the left has created a form of mental gymnastics that allows them to convince themselves that promulgating racist stereotypes about white people is somehow acceptable.

You’ve probably heard the argument a thousand times by now; It’s impossible to be racist against white people because they hold institutional power.

This not only ignores the core unchanging definition of racism, it completely falls flat on its face when you account for the fact that the left is using its monopoly on the dominant cultural institutions (media, entertainment, Hollywood), to spew anti-white racism.

The left is using its institutional power to entrench the idea that racism is acceptable, so long as the target is white people.

To illustrate how brazenly racist the article was, when BuzzFeed’s official account tweeted out the story, it was in direct violation of Twitter’s rules on “hateful conduct”.

The policy states, “You may not promote….racist and sexist tropes, or other content that degrades someone.” Asserting that people of a specific race are ruining everything is clearly promoting a racist trope.

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