BREAKING: Explosion in St. Petersburg injures at least 10


by Seraphim Hanisch, The Duran:

Possible attempt at mass homicide or terror attack cannot be ruled out at this time


Four people are known to have been taken to the hospital, with six more reportedly being treated onsite after an explosion tore through a grocery store in the Gigant-Hall shopping complex in St Petersburg.

Пятый канал публикует первые кадры из магазина в Петербурге, где произошёл взрыв.Петербург #взрыв

— Пятый канал Новости (@5tv) December 27, 2017

The explosion’s power is rated at an equivalent of 200 grams of TNT. This is fairly powerful, as one kilogram of this explosive is enough to obliterate a small vehicle.

There were thousands of people in the shopping complex, but about fifty of them were evacuated from the store, a local branch of Perekrestok, a supermarket chain in Russia.

Officials are treating the incident as a possible mass homicide attempt.  Usually the shops are full of people at this time of year as the New Year’s holiday approaches.  This time of year is Russia’s biggest holiday, as New Year’s marks the beginning of a national holiday that extends eight more days, through the Orthodox Christmas holiday January 7th.

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