Mainstream News IS Fake


by Donald Jeffries, Lew Rockwell:

There is one thing Donald Trump has right; our establishment news is unquestionably, indubitably fake. Those reasonable souls who have become understandably fed up with Trump’s WWE/Reality Show antics have to keep this in mind. Just because he’s an immature clown doesn’t mean his enemies are credible.

Most of us know BS artists, people who consistently twist and exaggerate the truth. Many of us know pathological liars, who simply are incapable of telling the truth about anything. In such cases, we don’t give these kinds of individuals any credibility whatsoever. We barely pay attention to anything they say.

I would contend that the mainstream media, as a whole, is the most pathological liar that ever existed. Despite their differing outlets, and the variations of letters in their network abbreviations, these “competing” organs act and report as one living, breathing, lying entity. Like individual pathological liars, they are incapable of telling the truth. I literally don’t believe anything they report, from the most intricate political event to a mundane weather forecast.

To believe in our professional “journalists,” one must accept that Lee Harvey Oswald assassinated JFK all by his lonesome, minimum wage earning-sexually inadequate self. One must believe that 19 crazed Arabs hijacked four airliners on 9/11, armed only with box cutters and plastic knives. One must further accept that after one of these planes struck the Pentagon, it not only left no visible wreckage behind, but the multitude of security cameras caught no footage of the impact.

We are talking about an entire industry here; the dishonesty in media extends from the big newspapers to the major television networks to the most powerful names in Hollywood. The recent Ken Burns’ documentary series on Vietnam hammered this point home. Like “anti-war” leftist darling Noam Chomsky, who curiously had his first few books financed by grants from the U.S. military, Burns clearly doesn’t believe JFK’s National Security Action Memorandum 263, which mapped out an exit strategy from Vietnam, has any historical significance in spite of the fact it was totally contradicted by NSAM 273, signed by LBJ and delineating the polar opposite strategy of escalation.

The compendium of conspiracies and cover ups I wrote about in Hidden History would not have been possible without the complicity of the mainstream media. One true Woodward and Bernstein-type, who broke open the impossible official story behind the JFK, MLK and RFK assassinations, the government murders at Waco, the Oklahoma City Bombing, 9/11 or any number of other important events, would bring the entire dishonest facade down.

Few Americans at the time knew that NBC, for instance, formally agreed in the immediate aftermath of the JFK assassination, to report only information that was consistent with the FBI’s dubious “investigation” of the crime. Later on, during the Reagan administration, not a single mainstream “journalist” reported on Bo Gritz’s press conference, which featured the explosive revelation from Khun Sa, the notorious “Opium King,” that Reagan’s assistant secretary of defense Richard Armitage was his American connection in the drug trade.

One would naturally expect any intrepid reporter to go after the Khun Sa allegations with all the fury of a Lois Lane. Instead, they simply ignored the fantastic charges. When I say “they,” I mean all of them. As in every one of them. Only the intrepid little “anti-semitic” weekly newspaper The Spotlight reported the truth. Gritz was not a marginal figure; he was a heroic POW/MIA activist, and Hollywood had based the famous Rambo character on him.

When your government rammed armored tanks into the Branch Davidians’ “compound” (otherwise known as their home), and killed all those Americans-including a bunch of children they were allegedly so concerned about-with gas that had been banned by the Geneva Convention, what did the mainstream media report? There was no outrage on the part of these “journalists.” Instead, they continued to parrot the official nonsense about these religious “extremists” killing themselves, or at least causing their own deaths at the hands of the governm

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