Massive FBI corruption forces Deputy FBI Director to retire early


by Alex Christoforou, The Duran:

Deputy FBI Director Andrew McCabe set to retire early.

The real US election collusion has surfaced, and it involved the DOJ and FBI working in unison, first to prevent Donald Trump from winning the White House, and then putting together an “insurance policy” (in the form of a salacious and disgusting dossier) to handicap the Trump Administration once in power.

One of the main players in the FBI’s collusion against American Democracy, Hillary Clinton supporter and FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe, is being forced to retire early next year after his corruption was fully exposed by text messages uncovered between his subordinate and mistress.

The Gateway Pundit reports that McCabe’s retirement announcement comes on the heels of a major shake up at the FBI; Wray just removed Comey “confidant” and suspected leaker James Baker from his top post as general counsel.

Via WaPo…

Andrew McCabe, the FBI’s deputy director who has been the target of Republican critics for more than a year, plans to retire in a few months when he becomes fully eligible for pension benefits, according to people familiar with the matter.


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McCabe won’t become eligible for his full pension until early March. People close to him say he plans to retire as soon as he hits that mark. “He’s got about 90 days, and some of that will be holiday time. He can make it,’’ said one.

A spokesman for McCabe declined to comment, as did an FBI spokesman.

The pressure on McCabe has only intensified, though. He got an eight-hour grilling from the House Intelligence Committee on Tuesday, and returned to Congress on Thursday to face more than nine hours of questions from the House Judiciary and Oversight committees.

Other senior FBI officials, including those who worked closely with McCabe and Comey, are expected to face similar questioning from Congress next year.

The Gateway Pundit reports…

Andrew McCabe took a grilling in a closed door testimony last week which left many saying he would be fired from his position as FBI Deputy Director.

McCabe treated Hillary’s criminal email investigation with kid gloves.

As previously reported, Rep. Matt Gaetz (R-FL) revealed on Fox News Friday that email evidence from FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe indicates the Hillary Clinton email probe was coded “HQ Special.” The term suggests the probe did not follow standard investigative procedures, likely ‘softening,’ the bureau’s findings.

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