Assange’s Twitter Mysteriously Vanishes After Seth Rich Hint, WikiLeaks Raid, & CIA Threats


by Matt Agorist, The Free Thought Project:

Following a Tweet in which Julian Assange hinted that Seth rich was the source for leaked Clinton emails, WikiLeaks was raided and Assange’s Twitter has vanished.

UPDATE: Assange’s Twitter is back up and running. However, he’s made no statement of his missing account and he now appears to be following 25 accounts in spite of only following WikiLeaks before the disappearance. The number of people following Assange also drastically decreased. Adding to the cryptic nature of this event, the US Navy tweeted “Julian Assange” in quotes this morning.

Late Sunday night, Twitter erupted in panic after it was discovered that the page belonging to WikiLeak’s political prisoner, Julian Assange, had completely vanished. The disappearance of Assange’s Twitter is particularly ominous as it follows a tweet in which he referred to a video naming Seth Rich as the source for the leaked Clinton emails as “Brilliant.” What’s more, around the same time Assange made that Tweet, masked men in black broke into the WikiLeak’s office amid rising threats from US intelligence actors.

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