As Two US Generals Warn We’re At The Precipice Of An Enormous War We’re Reminded, ‘One Mistake Could Lead To Calamity’


by Stefan Stanford, All News Pipeline:

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According to James ‘Maddog’ Mattis as shared in this new story from the Associated Press, “storm clouds are gathering over the Korean peninsula”. Warning that US soldiers must do their part by being ready at any moment for war, Mattis’s comments came soon after the UN Security Council voted unanimously to approve tough new sanctions against Kim Jong Un and his ‘hermit kingdom’ over their continued belligerent threats of violence and ICBM tests. 

The AP story was just one of four linked to by the Drudge Report on Saturday morning as seen in the screenshot below and as we enter what we hope is a peaceful and joyous Christmas for everyone, the ‘war drums’ continue to beat on. 

While General Robert Neller, the commandant of the Marine Corps, recently told his troops that “there’s a war coming” while urging them to be prepared, former ‘Pentagon Papers’ leaker Daniel Elsberg just recently cautioned that the US is “close to nuclear armageddon” as reported in this story from Mac Slavo over at SHTFPlan. 

Among those who read independent media and pay attention to the signs that we’ve long been watching, it’s been clear for quite some time that we’ve been slowly ticking our way towards the next world war. While Survival Dan recently reported that most Americans are living in a vacuum and totally unprepared for SHTF, as we’ve previously warned on ANP, a ‘worst case scenario’ could happen before most people even knew what hit us should North Korea successfully deliver an EMP attack upon us.

And while we’re happy to report that msm sources such as Bloomberg have recently written stories detailing the very real dangers facing America from an EMP, those warnings may be way too little too late for those who haven’t prepared or have been listening to the lies coming to us from the mainstream media who call EMP threats ‘science fiction’.   

As Dr Peter Vincent Pry reported on ANP back on October 10th of 2017, should America be taken down via an EMP attack from North Korea, our epitaph should be “Died From Stupidity”. As we’ve also previously reported, Dr. Pry was a long-time member of the US Congressional EMP Commission, a Commission which was disbanded back in October. 

As Daisy Luther asked in her story back then titled “If a North Korean EMP Could Kill 90% of Americans in a Year, Why Did the DoD Just Defund the Congressional EMP Commission?”, why was the EMP Commission disbanded at a time that the US is in the most potential peril from an electromagnetic pulse attack that we’ve ever been in?  

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