Since 9/11, The US Govt Has ‘Lost’ $58,000 —EVERY SINGLE SECOND


by Rachel Blevins, The Free Thought Project:

The U.S. government went from missing $2.3 trillion on the day before 9/11, to missing more than $30 trillion today—costing Americans $58,386 every second.

When U.S. Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld revealed that the Pentagon was missing $2.3 trillion on Sept. 10, 2001, it seemed like a massive amount—little did the American people know that the events that would occur the next day would wipe the missing money from the headlines, and over the next 16 years, the amount of money the government is missing would increase at a rate in excess of $58,000 per second.

While $2.3 trillion may seem like a lot, another government agency admitted to losing triple the amount in 2009, when former Inspector General Elizabeth Coleman admitted that the Federal Reserve could not account for $9 trillion.

“I have a copy of the Inspector General Act here in front of me. It says, among other things, that it’s your responsibility to conduct and supervise audits and investigations related to the programs and operations of your agency,” Former Rep. Alan Grayson said during a special hearing.

“That’s correct,” Coleman replied.

“So I’m asking you, if your agency has, in fact according to Bloomberg, extended 9 trillion dollars in credit—which, by the way, works out to $30,000 for every single man, woman and child in this country—I’d like to know, if you’re not responsible for investigating that, then who is?” Grayson inquired.

“We have responsibility for the Federal Reserve’s programs and operations—to conduct audits and investigations in that area,” Coleman replied. She went on to claim that she could not comment about specific details while the Federal Reserve was in the middle of a review.

Even when Rep. Grayson specifically asked, “Are you telling me that nobody at the Federal Reserve is keeping track on a regular basis of the losses that occur on what is now a 2-trillion-dollar portfolio?” IG Coleman refused to give him a straight answer.

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