Latest Bombshell: BLM Not Only Knew About The Bundy’s Water Rights But Sought To Eliminate Them!


by Tim Brown, Freedom Outpost:

The control of water out West is a very big deal.  It’s all part of a United Nations Agenda 21/Agenda 2030 plan and endgame by the Bureau of Land Management.

In one of the latest developments in the ongoing Bundy Ranch issue is the revelation that not only did the head of the BLM in the district at the time where the Bundys live know that they had water rights, but apparently perjured herself in the courtroom and a sought to eliminate them.

Previously, Mary Jo Rugwell, who simply confirmed the Bundy’s claims about what they owed while on the stand, also testified that she knew nothing about water rights at Gold Butte, which have been in the Bundy family for well over 100 years, and yet, she did know and sought to eliminate those rights.

First, let Shari Davole of remind us of Ms. Rugwell’s testimony under oath.

The government called witness Mary Jo Rugwell, the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) District Manager for Southern Nevada from April 2008 through August 2012, to the stand in November. The cross examination revealed several points:

First by Cliven Bundy’s attorney, Bret Whipple:

Whipple:  You had a meeting with Mr. Tom Collins and others?

Rugwell:  Yes.

Whipple:  Do you recall what Mr. Collins said about water rights?

Rugwell:  He said he believed Mr. Bundy should have access to water rights.

Whipple:  Who owns the water rights on Gold Butte:

Rugwell:  I do not know.

Whipple :  There were range improvements on each and every spring?

Rugwell:  I don’t know. I can’t say that there are range improvements on every spring.

Then, Ammon Bundy attorney, Morgan Philpot followed up with:

Philpot:  Did you do any research into stock watering rights.

Rugwell:  I did not.

Philpot:  Are you aware that Mr. Bundy had stock watering rights?

Rugwell:  I’d heard that, but it was not relevant.  This was a trespass issue.  I never looked into any stock watering rights myself.

And there was redirect testimony by Prosecutor Daniel Schiess:

Schiess:  You have been asked about stock watering rights.  Do you have any information on who owns water rights?

Rugwell:  No, I don’t.

Rugwell was very clear and concise in her testimony:

  • She knew absolutely nothing about water rights

  • She never investigated Bundy’s water rights

  • She did not know who owned the water rights.

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