Witch-Hunt Russiagate Investigation to Continue Throughout Next Year


by Stephen Lendman, Stephen Lendman:

On May 17, Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein appointed former FBI director Robert Mueller as special DOJ council in charge of investigating “any links and/or coordination between” Russia and Trump’s campaign team.

In over seven months, the probe cost taxpayers over $5 million, revealing no improper or illegal connection between Trump, his campaign team and the Kremlin – because there’s nothing to find, no matter how long the witch-hunt scam continues.

There’s plenty to hold Trump accountable for, nothing about any disturbing relations with Russia.

Yet according to individuals close to the investigation, it’ll likely last at least through next year, maybe throughout Trump’s entire term.

How many more millions of dollars will Mueller waste on a probe going nowhere?

It’s part of the plot to denigrate Trump for the wrong reasons, along with endless Russia bashing – sustaining Russophobic hysteria, duping an uninformed public to believe most anything they’re told, as long as it’s repeated endlessly on television and through print media.

Mueller represents anti-Trump/anti-Russia dark forces, a reliable spear-carrier for deep state interests.

As FBI director from September 2001 – September 2013, he was part of the 9/11 coverup, a cheerleader for naked aggression on Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya and Syria.

He enforced post-9/11 police state harshness, presiding over persecution of Muslims for their faith and ethnicity, the 2001 anthrax deception, and other disturbing activities demanding condemnation and accountability not forthcoming.

As special council, his job is denigrating Trump’s campaign team and the president, along with providing ammunition for endless Russia bashing – based on nothing credible.

He’s accused of improperly, perhaps illegally, obtaining thousands of Trump transition team emails.

According to counsel for Trump for America (TFA) attorney Kory Langhofer, “career staff at the General Services Administration (GSA)…unlawfully produced TFA’s private materials, including privileged communications, to the special counsel’s office,” adding:

His office “was aware that the GSA did not own or control the records in question,” and had no right to produce them without TFA’s permission.

Its communications are private and privileged, Langhofer maintained. It’s not a federal agency.

Yet they’ve been “extensively used” by Mueller, learning nothing related to his probe.

“This morning, we sent a letter to Congress concerning the unauthorized sharing of private and transition emails with the Mueller team,” Langhofer said last Saturday.

It states in part that transferring documents is “unlawful conduct that undermines the Presidential Transition Act of 1963, and will impair the ability of future presidential transition teams to candidly discuss policy and internal matters that benefit the country as a whole.”

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