President Trump Literally Breaks The Media As CNN Hits Rock Bottom In 2017 – The Deliberate Dumbing Down Of A Huge Part Of America Is Now Complete


by Susan Duclos, All News Pipeline:

Over the last year since President Trump was elected, there has not been one mainstream news outlet, paper, or television network that has not been caught in major false reporting, from the New York Times being called out by name during congressional testimony for inaccurate reporting, to an overall claim in front of Congress that  “many, many” Russia-related stories dependent on leaks of classified information by anonymous sources were “dead wrong.”

Despite mistakes and missteps by Washington PostCBS News, MSNBC, and NYT, along with the recent huge screwup by ABC News, causing a 350 point drop in the stock market, and the suspension of on-air personality Brian Ross after major clarifications, edits, and retractions, no network has had quite as bad a year as CNN, in optics as well as the loss of any and all credibility.

During the 2016 campaign season, when Trump rally attendees would chant “CNN Sucks,” it was amusing to see  the hyperbolic reactions from CNN personalities, as well as other mainstream media employees circling the wagons, screeching about threats to press freedom when Trump would call them out for their consistent dribbling of “fake news.” While present day Trump rallies continue to see some members starting that same “CNN Sucks” chant, the disdain and disgust of Americans towards the mainstream media, but specifically CNN itself, has grown exponentially.

Supposed bombshell after bombshell reported on “exclusively” by CNN in 2017, all anti-Trump propaganda stories, have had to be changed, edited, have an editor’s notes added, and in one humiliating instance, after being threatened with a $100 million lawsuit, was retracted and deleted, completely removed from the Internet, with subsequent forced resignations of three very high profile reporters.

ANP has been documenting the preponderance of fake news articles from the mainstream media since well before the presidential election, from selectively editing Trump speeches in order to bash him to outright lies, as well as how much worse the issue has gotten in the year since the election, to the point where even the majority of Americans (including Democrats!) said they believe the MSM publishes fake news, so putting aside the agenda driven and deliberate disinformation campaign many MSM outlets are engaging in, we also note examples of things that are extremely bad in optics.


CNN “journalists” publicly grandstanding and acting like they are the “opposition party” rather than an objective news organization, consistently reading directly from Democratic politicians scripts, with CNN’s White House correspondent Jim Acosta constantly throwing a foot stomping temper tantrum to garner some liberal “likes” and video hits.

That is not just the opinion of Trump supporters or conservatives as there have been multiple other outlets, and writers such as Carl Golden from Center for Public Policy, who wrote at Times-Gazette in August 2017 that Acosta’s antics are “an embarrassment to himself, his colleagues, his network,” saying Acosta reinforces “the perception that the media is no longer an independent broker and purveyor of news, but a group of opinionated, smarmy individuals intent on expressing their own biases.” Even Acosta’s colleagues within CNN accuse him of using these antics  as  “auditions” while “angling” for his own opinion show

Other CNN personalities like Chris Cuomo have been busted pushing outright fake news onto his audience, when he laughably claimedit was illegal for the general public to read the Wikileaks leaked emails during the 2016 election cycle, telling the audience that anything they need to learn about the leaked emails they had to learn from the media.

Remember Cuomo is also the one that admitted, before Hillary Clinton even announced she was running for President in the 2016 election, that the media were her biggest promoters and had given her a “free ride.”

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