Don’t Be Surprised If Gold & Silver Pull Out In Front Of The Cartel This Week


from SilverDoctors:

SD Outlook: Gold & silver look strong coming out of the latest turn. Here’s why…

On the surface, things look calm.

Not much going on through hump day:

We have a Kashkari speech on Tuesday and a plethora of housing data.

Thursday and Friday are equally full of meh:

We don’t have any Fed speakers to worry about, unless of course, they are trotted out on CNBC. If that is the case, there is something wrong in the markets that the Fed will try to fix with some good old fashioned jaw-boning.

We do get more economic data releases in the latter half of the week, but we can rest assured knowing that nearly every single piece of statistical economic data is crafted in a manner to fit whatever narrative that the bankers and the government want to portend.

What we have this week is crunch time for government. And we get a double-shot.

Whereas economic data points and Fed Heads are one thing, the government often does make policy errors, and a policy error could move the markets one way or another.

Specifically this week, there are two major issues big gov will be tackling.

First, there are the tax cuts, which nearly everybody accepts as a foregone conclusion. If for whatever reason the tax cuts are not passed, there would most likely be violent reactions in all markets because at this point everything is priced in on a “yes” vote. A “no” vote is not priced in.

The second thing which culminates on a hard date (Friday) is the debt ceiling debacle.

In the current government’s quest to punish future generations with cumbersome debt by always kicking the can, by now we are all trained to assume that disaster in the form of a government shutdown will be averted again. One day disaster won’t be averted, but with the stock market euphoria and the promise of extra fiat in our pockets come next year, I would be thinking the government will effectively kick the can.

So while on the surface everything is calm, collected, and optimistic, under the surface we see signs that say “not so fast”.

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