Chicago commissioner requests U.N. troops patrol, fight violent crime, ‘genocide,’ on the streets


by Shepard Ambellas, Intellihub:

Full-fledged martial law may be coming to Chicago in the near future, county commissioner requests the United Nations to police city streets

CHICAGO (INTELLIHUB) — Cook County Commissioner Richard Boykin and his team meet with the Assistant Secretary General of the United Nations on Friday to request the organization deploy armed troops into the streets in an effort to curb violent crime and sidestep Posse comitatus which bars the U.S. military to be deployed on domestic soil.

Such a measure would be the first in a new era of globalization and militarization inside of the United States and sets an extremely dangerous precedent. Not to mention, proponents of such a deployment feel the current level of gun violence and ‘genocide’ has become far too expansive and dangerous for state authorities to handle alone as the problem continues to spiral out of control with “horrific levels of shootings,” as pointed out by the commissioner.

“There is a quite genocide taking place in too many of our communities,” Boykin told the press Friday. “Eighty percent of those who are being killed by gun violence are African-American and are often killed at the hands of another African-American.”

Commissioner Boykin said that he feels the U.N. would be a good fit for “peacekeeping efforts” inside of the city to help make sure that residents are safe and says that “we can’t afford to wait.”

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