Russia’s Amazing New Anti-Nuke Rockets Are Far Better Than America’s – Russian TV News


by Nicholas Sokolov, Russia Insider:

Russia says its cutting edge anti-ballistic missile systems completely protect it against a first strike from everybody’s favorite war-mongering superpower.

“We, along with many experts, believe that this weapon is best-in-class in the whole world.” – Valery Kashin, Missile Designer

With tensions at an all-time high around the world, talks of states acquiring nuclear weapons, and the possibility that someone might be stupid enough to start a nuclear war, all states, including Russia, are interested in missile defense. This video report by on the Russian evening news hosted by the country’s top anchor, Dmitry Kiselyov, goes into detail about this aspect of the modern Russian arsenal, as well as other advanced Russian military gear. (Full Transcript Below).

The truth is missile defence is a crapshoot, it’s a bit like trying to bat away golf balls flying towards you armed only with a tennis racket. You can stop a few, but if hundreds come…you’re screwed. Eventually one of them will hit. If any country is likely to develop this technology, it will be the United States with its massive military budget dwarfing the other top ten countries put together, or Russia, legendary for its rocketry.

But the truth is…Russian rocketry is not equal to American…it is far superior.

It all began when Russia put the first satellite, and then the first man in space. Russia has an endless legacy of excellence in the field of rocketry. 

This is perhaps one of the reasons why it is so infuriating how Russia can still be called a backwards country, and even Americans who respect Russia are still under the impression it lags behind significantly not only the US, but most of Europe. 

Earth to America…Russia currently operates the flights to International Space Station which YOUR astronauts use! Due to setbacks at NASA and with SpaceX, American astronauts are looking at still remaining reliant on Russian rockets to fly them to space until at least 2019, provided there are no setbacks.

Russia is a rocketry colossus, and she’s lending her considerable might not only to the world, in providing humanity transport to space, but to defend her borders from any nuclear threats foolish enough to attack the country which detonated the largest nuclear explosion known to man…at half yield.

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