Russia Warns ‘Stand-Off Moving Towards Hot Phase’ As North Korea Prepares Sunday ICBM Launch


by Stefan Stanford, All News Pipeline:

– Simulations Depict A Horrifying Look At An America That Has Been Nuked

In this September 24th of 2016 story written by former Ronald Reagan cabinet member Paul Craig Roberts, he published three paragraphs that were forever echoed across various independent news outlets across the internet as seen republished below.

Written prior to the election, Roberts warned us then that the American people were once more being herded into another globalist war and the fight that they were picking had a strong potential to go terribly wrong for them and all of us. 

And while millions of Americans had believed that in electing Donald Trump as President, any potential of the US getting into a devastating war with Russia had gone out the window along with Hillary Clinton, Obama and the war-loving globalists, we see in story after story across the internet in 2017 that those who love death, destruction and war are still itching for a fight.

However, as has long been warned, maybe they should watch out for what they’re wishing for. 

With Russia now warning the stand-off between the US and North Korea is moving towards a “hot phase”, the Express also reports that Russia has given notice that they will act with China and India to protect North Korea should war break out. As the Express also reported back on December 7th, China had also announced their support of North Korea should war break out. Much more on that below but first, from Paul Craig Roberts 2016 story:   

The idiot Americans have been at war for 15 years and the morons have no idea what has been achieved. The fools are unaware that the US in its decades long accumulation of weakness now confronts two major nuclear powers: Russia and China.

Americans have been taught by the presstitutes serving the military/security complex that nuclear war is not all that different from ordinary war. Look at Hiroshima and Nagasaki, two targets of American atomic bombs. Today, seven decades later, the cities are flourishing, so what’s the problem with nuclear weapons? 

The atomic bombs that Washington dropped on these helpless civilian centers while the Japanese government was trying to surrender, were mere popguns compared to today’s thermo-nuclear weapons. One Russian SS-18 wipes out three-fourths of New York state for thousands of years. Five or six of these “Satans” as they are known by the US military, and the East Coast of the United States disappears. 

The new story over at the Free Thought Project is titled “Time to Pay Attention: China Now Building Refugee Camps, Prepping for Nuclear War” within which they report the latest signs that preparation for nuclear war is now taking place at the highest levels of government in China. Warning us that within the last few weeks, China has begun educating citizens on how to act during a full-on nuclear war and is preparing for a mass influx of refugees from the Korean peninsula, their story underlines for us just how close some feel we are to a war that could bring utter catastrophe. 

While Americans were happy to have ‘dodged the bullet’ by getting President Trump into office while Hillary sits at home, the drumbeats for war beat on with the deep state sabotaging Trump and his efforts to restore relations with Russia.    

Yet as we see in the series of screenshots below from the Nuclear Secrecy Nuke Map website which give us a good look at the hypothetical damage that could be caused by various nukes being detonated within US cities, Roberts warning from above that the entire US east coast would be toast isn’t an exaggeration and in fact, should give us another reason that we’d want to avoid such a war as it would instantly bring about the end of America as we know it. 

Placing 3 hypothetical Russian 100 KT yield nuclear bombs in New York city, Washington DC and Atlanta alone and expectations of nearly 14 million dead and another 7 million injured show the entire East coast of the US in ruins. 

We also take another look at the bottom of this story of an embedded version of Cresson H. Kearney’s classic “Nuclear War Survival Skills” which is a book that could save you and your family’s lives should this worst case scenario unfold. 

In this first simulation we see the expected results of a nuclear weapon going off in the middle of New York city, potentially resulting in nearly 8 million deaths and 4 million injuries with radiation blanketing New England in this particular simulation.

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