Get The Rope, Pitchforks And Torches


by Karl Denninger, Market Ticker:

This is the sort of article that ought to get you digging around in the garage for what the American people seem to forget they have: Pitchforks, torches and rope.

There is one simple and easily actionable approach that each of us could take to try to wrest control over health policy decisions away from the lobbyists who now control it with little effective counterbalance and put it back in the hands of our patients, who should be powerful shapers of such decision making.

This is a short excerpt from an article in JAMA (Journal of the American Medical Association) on a conversation they urge doctors to have with you.  The gist of it?  Obamacare and forced cost-shifting in general is something you should demand more of from politicians.

Now let me note something for the record:  The AMA, which of course is the last three words of the title of that journal, has just 15% of practicing physicians as members today.  This was 75% in the 1950s.  Yet the “association” has never had it better when it comes to its finances.

How is this possible?

The AMA makes most of its money today on the forced subscription to the ICD and CPT codebook sales that both change every year and become more complex.  The association has created for itself a monopoly with the force of law in that government-funded health care providers must use it, and yet they’re a private organization.

This sort of racket should lead to them being charged for violating 15 USC Chapter 1, which I note does not have an immunity for “non-profit associations” — including the AMA.  Indeed there is a pretty-clean argument to be made that the AMA’s forced subscription model is to a material degree responsible for the ramping cost of health care and the 10:1 or greater (in many cases as high as 30:1 if some statistics are to be believed!) administrator hiring rate .vs. nurses and doctors.  I note that said administrators never provide one second of care to an actual person during their entire career.

There is not one word in that JAMA article about health care cost. The fact of the matter is that we overpay by at least 80% in this country for health care and it is directly due to these scams and outrageous actions, all of which ought to be investigated and prosecuted that are responsible for it.

Yet the army of lobbyists deployed by the likes of the AMA and pharmaceutical industries continue to argue for more and more to be taken from you and given not to actually provide care but to prop up pricing and fund overhead that is utterly unnecessary and does not give one second of actual medical help to one person.

It’s not just them either.  Now we’ve got two Catholic “non-profits” that want to merge hospital management and create the largest US hospital chain in the country.  This too is clearly a matter for 15 USC Chapter 1 but again you can bet there will be zero attention from Jeff Sessions or Donald Trump to it just as there was not from Obama’s administration either.  These so-called “Catholic” organizations are Satan on earth and perfectly happy to asset-strip you to your underwear while waving religion around as a shield.

Never mind Congress which is all set to play along.  Rather than demand that Jeff Sessions find his balls (and handcuffs) Ryan is claimed to be looking to screw retirees.  I remind you that were we to fix the medical monopolies nobody but the abject poor would require Medicare at all since with an 80% reduction in cost the 20% you pay now would cover the whole thing!  Instead we get this sort of screed and screech fest from the media — this time from Faux Snooz.

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