Dead Bodies With Ties To Hillary Keep Piling Up! Will Mueller’s ‘Witch Hunt’ Ensnare The Wicked Witch Or Give America Proof The ‘Rule Of Law’ Doesn’t Apply To The ‘Clinton Crime Family’?


by Stafen Stanford, All News Pipeline:

On December 10th, Erin Elizabeth over at Health Nut News published a story in which she reported upon the 81st doctor who had been found mysteriously dead over the past few years alone, just the latest doctor death in her unintended series of mysterious doctor deathsthat has gone way beyond just ‘coincidence’.

While the death of Dr. Dean Lorich was ruled a suicide after he allegedly plunged a knife into his chest with investigators claiming he was depressed, the mainstream media’s stories on his death neglect to mention Dr. Lorich had called out the Clinton Foundation on the misappropriation of funds soon after the 2010 Haiti earthquake where he as a world reknown surgeon had gone to help the wounded.

And while the MSM might call that a ‘conspiracy theory’ or ‘fake news’, a visit to the Wikileaks Hillary Clinton Email Archive proves it beyond a doubt with Dr. Lorich having sent an email slamming the relief effort there, an email which made it into the hands of Hillary.

If that evidence isn’t enough, CNN actually published a story from Dr. Lorich after he returned from Haiti as seen in the next screenshot below in which he called the medical situation in Haiti ‘shameful’ and specifically called out the Clinton Foundation.  

And while we have no proof at the moment that Hillary was directly tied to the mysterious death of Dr. Lorich, we do find it interesting that another top doctor from the very same Weill Cornell Medical Center where Lorich worked was found dead only a week+ before Dr. Lorich died with the death of cancer Dr. Miguel Crespo who was found mysteriously dead in a hospital bathroom. 

And, coincidentally or not, as we see in the tweet screenshot below from journalist Liz Crokin via ‘Truth in Government’, Chelsea Clintonis on the Hospital Board of Overseers where both the dead Clinton Foundation Haiti whistleblower doctor (knife in chest Monday) and the dead medical researcher worked (supposed overdose, Nov 27)

You can’t make this up!

While we’ve previously reported on ANP about the seemingly unending series of mysteriously dead scientists, microbiologists and other doctors dating all the way back to the 1990’s, we believe its likely not just a coincidence that the ‘Clinton body count’ also dates back to the early 1990’s as seen in the must-see graphic at the bottom of this story

Why do so many people die around the Clinton’s? As we see in the mind-blowing list below, the mysterious deaths include 16 killed in plane crashes, 20 suicides, 22 dead bodyguards or escorts, 56 dead military or law enforcement officers, 8 investigative journalists, 23 ‘witnesses’ and 11 ‘political staff members’. Just a coincidence? 

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