by Joseph P. Farrell, Giza Death Star:

Today’s blog is unusual in that I am not blogging about one article, but two. This sometimes happens as people send me things which, taken in isolation from each other, seem to be about one thing, but when considered together open up some intriguing – or in today’s case, disturbing – possibilities. Perhaps I am alone with my speculations today, but perhaps I am echoing other readers’ thoughts. I certainly wasn’t prepared for the comments that followed yesterday’s blog about “melting the ice” in Antarctica indicating that a few others had also been entertaining my wild speculation.

So let’s start with article one, which alleges a very different story of the history of Facebook than the one we’ve been accustomed to, because there’s something in it that has much wider implications, beyond the fascinating allegations of the story itself. (This article was submitted by our regular contributor Mr. V.T.):

Facebook Unmasked: How the World’s Most Relevant Entrepreneur Was Screwed By Zuckerberg

Now, what interests me here are not so much the allegations of theft of social media software, as the implications of these paragraphs:

Patent theft is accomplished through the Patent Trial and Appeals Board and the many laws that allow the US Patent and Trademark Office to confiscate and control any patent deemed a national security issue. Once confiscated, the inventor is not compensated for the out-right theft of the patent. Stiff penalties, including incarceration, accompany these seemingly “illegal” patent laws that can steal any patent that the military (Department of Defense) or cyber-intelligence (all 17 agencies) considers a patent that could be turned into a weapon.

Once stolen, the government uses a complex group of public, and secret, defense agencies, corporate contractors, and crooked bankers to fund the weaponization of trade secrets, patents, copyrights and other forms of intellectual property. Usually, the government builds in a “back-door” to the technology–so that they can control and manipulate the weaponized property. Then, they fund a “front-man” as a stooge to run a private corporation that is built on the weaponized invention.

The dummy company gets tens of millions of dollars in initial investments. Its underwriters then inflate valuations that turn into billions when the fake private corporation later hits the stock market. These fake front-men, pseudo-military corporations, stolen patents, and corrupt defense contractors then magically become the largest corporations in the world – Google (NSA), Facebook (NSA and CIA programs), Amazon (NSA and CIA) and on and on down the line of the huge tech corporations that are consuming everything around them in league with the ill-intent of the military and intelligence agencies.

Leader Technologies’ inventions fueled dozens of the largest corporations in the world. It was out-right industrial espionage at the highest governmental levels that led to the theft of Leader’s trade secrets, copyrights, and patents.

In other words, when the decision was taken to make the old US military computer communication network Arpanet public, this was already a deliberate decision to establish a worldwide surveillance system. Such networks were coming sooner or later, and the reasoning was simple: best to lead it and thereby control it rather than let others do so. It was, as the above paragraphs imply, a “national security” issue. Social media software represented a significant national security issue, and thus had to be captured, stolen, the requisite “additions” to the lines of code made, and then marketed and pushed.

And so it is with any “game changing” technology, or software…

…lie crypto-currencies…

Like many readers on this site, I’ve been watching the emergence of crypto-currencies with a mix of fascination and – well, quite frankly, revulsion – because it seems clear to me that this is yet another case of “capture the technology, modify it, then push it”, and use the process of enriching people to push it. It has struck me more than once watching this phenomenon that it is the perfect vehicle for Mr. Globaloney to complete his theft of the world’s liquidity and cash, and give the rest of us absolutely nothing in return except for one’s and zero’s. It’s the final component, so to speak, of Catherine Fitts’ model of moving from “Global 2.0 to 3.0.” As I’ve been mulling over all this, it also occurred to me that it’s also the perfect way to take a hidden system of finance “public” so to speak, and use the phenomenon of the “bubble” – the good old Mr. Global “pump and dump” scheme – to make a little extra money for its pet black projects.

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