Let Me See Your War Face: Here Comes The Fed Offensive On Gold & Silver


from SilverDoctors:

SD Outlook: Lock-n-load. Gold & silver are under attack as this is the most critical week of the year…

First things first. Let me see your war face:

In December of 2015, silver bottomed two days before the December FOMC:

In 2017, that corresponds to today.

In 2016, silver also bottomed around the FOMC:

Silver was smashed the day after the FOMC, and silver then bottomed six days later.

If silver follows suit, this could be a very nerve-wrecking week.

The problem, however, is that silver is very oversold right now:

This is not to say we can’t go lower. But looking at the chart back in July when silver printed at $15.14, we seem to be right there again as far as the technicals go.

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