I’m Taking Action On Arizona Cop Killing


by Tim, The Burning Platform:

Since I watched the video of the Arizona cop shooting the man in the motel hallway, I’ve thought of little else. It’s obvious (to me) that the man was murdered. Further, it’s also obvious to me that police today, are little more than psychopathic thugs who get off on abusing their power. OK, maybe that’s an oversimplification. But not entirely far from the truth. Mark Passio’s work at www.whatonearthishappening.com has greatly influenced my thoughts on this. Give his podcasts a listen, if you haven’t already.

I think the question many of us have is, “What can I do about it?” (And, “it” meaning any current situation where we, the little people, feel helpless) In this case, the man was killed over a year ago, in Mesa, AZ. But, there IS something I can do, and I’ve been formulating a plan. I’m asking for TBP to chime in and help me out.

Yesterday, I posted a group of links with contact information for relevant groups in Arizona, from the local Mesa, AZ police station, all the way up to a petition at the White House to investigate the incident. My plan, such as it is, is to begin calling those folks in the seats of power and begin to ask them some tough questions about the incident.

Here’s where you come in. I’m not an investigative journalist. I’m a construction superintendent that’s between gigs right now. I have some thoughts as to the kids of questions I might ask, but not entirely sure how to perform an interview over the phone.

At first I was so damn angry, I thought I might call and ask things like, “How does if feel to support and protect a murderous thug?” That might feel good, temporarily, but won’t buy me much phone time. I’m looking for some suggestions for some tough, but fair questions. So far, I’m thinking about things like:

What did the young man have engraved on the side of his gun? Is that approved policy? Why was that dismissed in the court?
It’s my understanding that the young man’s father is in charge at the department of investigative affairs. Is that true?
Does he still work for the police depart? What was his rating on dismissal?
Did he have previous military experience?
It seems to me that the orders he gave Daniel Shaver were very complicated. Is that standard procedure for the department?
How many officers were on the call at that time? Was Mr. Brailsford the officer calling out the orders to Mr. Shaver? What is the current status of the other officers?

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