Randy Credico, Wikileaks And The Trump-Russia Scandal That Never Was


by Elizabeth Vos, Disobedient Media:

Disobedient Media has previously reported on the ongoing persecution of Wikileaks supporters, including comedian, human rights activist and journalist Randy Credico. This author had the honor of speaking to Credico shortly before he was unfairly terminated from his position at WBAI radio. DisobedientMedia reported on Credico’s unfair dismissal as an example of retribution faced by Wikileaks supporters, which RT aptly termed a ‘Witch Hunt.’

The pretext for this latter-day inquisition is the phantom hypothetical that Russia interfered with the election along with Trump and Wikileaks. Credible evidence has shown the baselessness of Russian interference allegations repeatedly. Disobedient Media has covered the absurdities of the Russian hacking scandal and evidence against it at length.

Nonetheless, anti-Russian hysteria has continued unabated. Even the highly respected NSA Technical Director Bill Binney has been targeted by legacy press’ foam-mouthed defense of their precious and unsubstantiated theory. Independent journalists including Caitlin Johnstone, HA Goodman and others have repeatedly pointed out the absurdities of the Russian interference claims.

A most accurate description of the reality motivating this situation comes from Credico’s radio spot ‘Live on the Fly,’ when he spoke with Julian Assange’s mother. Christine Assange told Credico that: “Anyone who is against the establishment will cop a smear, it’s almost like a badge of honor when you’re smeared badly without any evidence, it means you’re doing a good job.” Christine Assange’s statement cuts to the heart of the real intent motivating Russian intervention claims.

Specifically, the reason the Russian interference narrative is still promulgated by legacy press is not due to any genuine concern for the sanctity of the electoral process. This is made clear by even a cursory examination of establishment media silence on the well-documented claims that the Democratic Party primary was rigged in Hillary Clinton’s favor, against Bernie Sanders. If the grounds for the Trump-Russia investigation were any concern with sound voting procedure, the Democratic Primary would have been the first port of call for the legacy media machine that has so far belied their interest in the democratic process by ignoring the subject entirely.

In this author’s view, the underlying motivation fueling the Russiagate machine is the pretext it provides to destroy any individual, outlet or group that threatens the oligarchic American power structure, especially the deep state. This author’s collaboration with the Internet Party’s Suzie Dawson provided clear primary evidence of the power of unelected authorities in not only American but multinational interests.

No one can be said to have disrupted or revealed the real minutiae of the implementations of world power more than Wikileaks. Its unblemished record of publishing real leaked documents that reveal the establishment in their own words. Wikileaks has given the public the truth, and that is a weapon that powerful interests fear more than weapons of mass destruction.

Wikileaks proved the US’ wrongdoing in Iraq with the publication of the Iraq War Logs. Wikileaks showed the collusion against democracy that took shape during the Democratic Primary. It is Wikileaks’ ability to reveal primary evidence that makes it a threat to unelected powers everywhere.

As Suzie Dawson has previously stated, the importance of Wikileaks rises far beyond any petty disagreement with Wikileaks’ founder Julian Assange. This sentiment was echoed by Credico in a recent interview with Segment Newsdiscussing his upcoming subpoena to the House Intelligence Committee.

In an interview with Segment News, Credico stated that he is fighting for a journalist and that he is “willing to go go to jail for that.” He continued, “This is a very important case… they should be supporting Julian Assange, even if they don’t agree with him, and I don’t agree with him on everything myself.”

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