CIA Partisans in Media and on Twitter Furious Over Director Pompeo Meeting with VIPS’ William Binney, Undermining their ‘Russia Hacked the DNC’ Narrative


by Harley Schlanger, Rogue Money:

Since LaRouchePAC promoted VIPS and the Adam Carter/Forensicator findings that the DNC emails could have only been downloaded at flash drive speeds by an insider at the scene, Fox News nightly host Tucker Carlson has had Binney and Congressman Dana Rohrabacher (R-CA) on his program undermining the entire ‘Russians hacked the election’ story. Tucker Carlson’s willingness to cross party lines and question the bipartisan #BlameRussia #BlamePutin narrative for everything has infuriated many ex-spooks and wannabe spooks on Twitter. Last night Carlson repeatedly challenged former DNC consultant turned bestselling book promoter Donna Brazile regarding the failure of the DNC to turn over the servers to the government, never receiving a straight answer from her as to how and why that occurred. Brazile, who had written in her book that she feared for her own life after colleague Seth Rich was gunned down on the streets of D.C., basically hemmed and hawed and dodged the question:

British ‘ex’ GCHQ man Matt Tait, a crony of James Comey’s pal Benjamin Wittes who pushes ridiculous claims of a pro-Trump Republican seeking to recruit him for obtaining Hillary’s 33,000 deleted private server emails from the Russians, has railed against Binney on his Twitter feed. Former CIA agents turned social media starring #NeverTrump ers Ned Price and John Sipher have been apoplectic about Pompeo’s willingness to hear Binney out, denouncing this as a Trumpist corruption of the totally non-partisan intelligence community’s integrity. Nevermind that introducing the Steele dossier into the intel community through Trump hating agency chiefs James Clapper, John Brennan and James Comey in of itself represented a serious, Democratic partisan corrupting of intel collection and analysis. But Sipher in particular has been outspoken in defending the Steele dossier, a trashy piece of oppo research paid for by Hillary Clinton operatives, as a somehow authenticated piece of intelligence (regarding which, now former DNI Clapper would later laughably tell CNN it ‘didn’t matter’ who paid for it, a position that in any other circumstances trained intelligence officers would dismiss as ridiculous).

In typical spook double speak, Sipher also allows in touting the dossier as legit that it may contain FSB/SVR disinformation fed to Christopher Steele’s sources, as the ‘former’ British spy could no longer visit Russia and had to gather his (bogus) intel remotely. In his arrogance, counting on total deference from Democratic partisans with press passes, Sipher doesn’t think anything of admitting that perhaps partisan Trump hating Democrats running DNI, CIA and FBI may have been punked with disinfo by Putin’s security services. Sipher strikes us as a classic, “Heads I win, tails you lose, and I’m always right” personality.

If — as Republican lawmakers like Rep. Devin Nunes (R-CA) suspect and former Trump campaign adviser Carter Page has alleged the ‘dirty dossier’ was used as a basis for obtaining FISA surveillance warrants — then the abuse rises to at least the same level or worse as anything Nixon did in unleashing agencies against domestic political enemies. If Binney’s story is just a crackpot claim — and no one in the cyber security community takes seriously the idea that Crowdstrike lied or more likely, conflated multiple phishing attacks on the DNC that may have happened with an insider leak Democrats fanatically insist did not occur, why their sudden alarm? The question answers itself — these individuals realize deep down if that if NSA/GCHQ had tapped trans-Atlantic (and Internet nodes leading into Russia) cable data to back up their ‘Russian hacking’ claims it could’ve been easily ordered declassified by President Obama on his way out of office. That point was made by Bill Binney from the very beginning of the ‘Russian hacking’ story in 2016. In January 2017 VIPS wrote a letter to the lame duck occupant of the White House urging Obama to do just that, and declassify the evidence.

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