The Bloodlines Of ‘The Billionaires Club’ Run Deep – Starting With Antifa’s ‘Puppet Master’ George Soros, This Look At Some Of The World’s Richest People Is Revealing, With A HUGE Surprise!


by William B Stoecker, All News Pipeline:

Leftists, who believe whatever they are told to believe (because they are “intellectual free thinkers”), like to imagine that the super-rich are mostly “right wing extremists,” meaning anyone to the right of Karl Marx. But, in reality, many of the richest people support leftist causes, and the few who do not mostly support RINO Republicans or the equivalent. 

There don’t seem to be any at all who openly tell the truth about the New World Order (NWO) conspiracy or oppose it in any way. But how can “capitalists” support Marxism? How can communists ally themselves with billionaires? The answer is simple. Most of the super-rich do not believe in true free market competitive capitalism, but in crony capitalism, a system of monopolies in bed with the government. 

As for the leading communists, none of them, not even Marx himself, have ever truly believed in the “classless society,” the “withering away of the state,” or “from each according to his ability, to each according to his need.” This is meaningless claptrap designed to fool the UIs (useful idiots) at the bottom of the Marxist pyramid. Communism, not religion, is the true “opiate of the masses.” Communism is, quite simply, fascism, and it was never intended to be anything else. 

So it should not surprise us that some of the richest people, like John D. Rockefeller and his descendants, have proudly supported one world government and set up tax free foundations to support every leftist cause. Consider the various Rockefeller, Ford, and Carnegie foundations which have gained control of modern medicine and education. John D. said “competition is sin,” and David Rockefeller openly admitted his support for a one world government. 

Most patriots are aware that George Sauron (Soros) is behind ACORN and La Raza, the Tides Foundation, the “Open Society” Foundation, Media Matters,, and the Center for American “Progress,” and supports Planned “Parenthood” and the Southern Poverty Law Center. Born Gyorgy Schwartz in Hungary on 8/12/30, Sauron has a net worth of some $25 billion dollars, mostly acquired via currency speculation. 

Anyone familiar with the effects of fiat money and its manipulation by the central banks can see how easy it is for people with the right connections to know in advance what the money supply and interests rates will be and become fabulously wealthy with little effort or risk…and it requires no great intelligence to do it. Sauron, during WWII, helped Nazi officials confiscate the wealth of his fellow Jews and considers that period to be a happy one for him. 

Fewer are aware of Peter Sutherland, a grotesque creature who was an executive at Goldman Sachs, a.k.a. bankster central, and then British Petroleum (the nice people who gave us the Gulf oil spill). Peter supports “free” trade, open borders, and unlimited immigration of Muslims and Africans into what is left of Europe. He is a Bilderberger, and has been on the European Commission and was for a time Honorary Chairman of the Trilateral Commission. 

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