Who Did Saudi Arabia Detain Last Night in Anti-Corruption Move?


by The Anti Media:

In the dead of night, Saudi forces surrounded the compounds of several prominent princes across the Gulf kingdom, in a move to clamp down on corruption.

Under the auspices of the newly formed anti-corruption committee, led by Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman, prominent Saudi princes and businessmen are now being held in the lavish Ritz Carlton hotel in Riyadh.

Just last week the Ritz Carlton was host to some of the world’s leading investors, as Salman attempted to tell the world his vision for a post-oil Saudi Arabia.

The individuals detained include 11 princes, four current ministers and tens of former ministers.

Among those held are Abdullah al-Sultan, who is a commander of the Saudi Navy, and Khalid al-Mulheim, the former director general of Saudi Arabian airlines.

But who are some of the other individuals that have been rounded up in the latest alleged move against corruption in the Gulf Kingdom?

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