CNN Isn’t Just Left Leaning – They Are Simply Fabricating The News


by Tim Brown, Freedoom Outpost:

Back in June, I pointed out that sites like are nothing more than outlets seeking to present themselves as unbiased in an attempt to silence those of us who simply put out the truth and allow people to determine for themselves how they discern that. 

In that piece, I pointed out that the self-proclaimed bias fact checkers listed CNN as merely “Left Biased.”

However, they fail to simply refer to them as “fake news,” something President Donald Trump has rightly called them.

The latest evidence that they are fabricating the news comes in the form of video evidence of two reporters standing side by side.

Take a look for yourself as CNN attempts to act as though they have two reporters at various locations when they are simply standing side by side.

This isn’t the first time CNN has tried to pull a fast one with this kind of reporting.  Does anyone remember the infamous Nancy Grace/ Ashleigh Banfield interview that was supposed to be conducted by “satellite” but was clearly in the same parking lot?

Even John Stewart called it out!

If that isn’t enough, do you remember when CNN was caught staging a protest in London?  Don’t you?  Let me remind you.

If this is not enough for Americans and the world to completely abandon CNN as a news source, I don’t know what is.  I’m not saying that sometimes they don’t put out real, true news.  They do, but CNN has a long history of simply making up news and fabricating it, not just slanting it.

This is nothing new for those of us who have exposed their lies before, but it might be to these Johnny come lately websites pretending to be some sort of authority figure on “fake news” when all they actually report on is those sites listed in the looney professor’s lists that’s passing through Harvard.

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