The World Center of Gravity Is Shifting From the Atlantic to the Pacific


by Harley Schlanger, LaRouchePAC:

That concept, of the emerging Eurasian New Paradigm for all mankind, was first presented on the world strategic stage back in 1996—over two decades ago—by American statesman and economist Lyndon LaRouche, when there was virtually no visible “evidence” to that effect. And yet LaRouche was right. That idea was repeated, in almost identical terms, last month by the Prime Minister of Hungary, Viktor Orban, who just hosted the “16+1” heads of government meeting among the CEE (Central and Eastern Europe) countries and China.

“The world economy’s center of gravity is shifting from west to east,” Orban stated. “While there is still some denial of this in the western world, that denial does not seem to be reasonable. We see the world economy’s center of gravity shifting from the Atlantic region to the Pacific region.”

There is today plenty of visible evidence to show that Orban is correct. In fact, there is a sea-change underway in world economic and political affairs, most immediately as the result of the fact that China and Russia are escalating their coordinated efforts, and asserting reality on the ground across Eurasia. In much the same way as the entire situation across the Middle East (and beyond) has been transformed by the reality on the ground of the Russian-led military victory over ISIS in Syria, the Chinese Belt and Road Initiative is creating economic faits accomplis which are enveloping the entire Eurasian region.

The British Empire and their Wall Street sidekicks have been caught flatfooted, and they are growing increasingly hysterical about both developments, and the fact that they are being flanked. And they haven’t really figured out what they can do about it—other than try to launch wars, and stage an attempted coup d’état against President Trump.

That is because the global strategic shifts initiated by China and Russia, will become unstoppable if President Trump brings the United States fully on board. Trump’s good working relationship with his fellow Presidents, Xi Jinping of China and Vladimir Putin of Russia, both of which were solidified during his Asia tour earlier this month, is the City of London’s and Wall Street’s worst nightmare.

Re-enter Barack Obama, the disgraced ex-President of the United States, who has just announced that he will shortly be traveling to Asia on a trip that will follow in the foosteps of President Trump’s tour and try to destroy everything that he achieved, on behalf of his British masters. Obama will meet with Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi on December 1, and then travel to China to meet with Xi Jinping, before traveling on to France.

But such ham-fisted deployments, which in the past might have worked, will fail under today’s circumstances. The world center of gravity has in fact shifted from the Atlantic to the Pacific, and that reality is asserting itself in such fashion that nation after nation is getting on the bandwagon.

In her keynote address to the November 25-26 Schiller Institute Conference in Frankfurt, Germany, Helga Zepp-LaRouche expressed this idea most thoughtfully:

“It was the absolute manifest lack of development of the old world order which caused the impulse of China and the spirit of the New Silk Road having caught on, [such] that now many nations of the world are absolutely determined to have a development giving a better life to all of their people.

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