I’m Thankful We Didn’t Get Hillary


by Erik Rush, Freedom Outpost:

A downside of having a regular column that runs on Thursdays is that this consigns the commentator to a position of having to come up with both relevant and entertaining fare for Thanksgiving Day commentaries.

Since this is a time when one would hope that most Americans are engaging in something more meaningful than reading political commentary, a certain internal conflict can arise.

I’ve never believed in crafting “throw away” pieces for times when readership might be down for whatever reason, but Thanksgiving Day topics still provide for some ambivalence on my part.

Barring a dramatic news story breaking within hours of my deadline, the perennial question is generally: Should I address something light and thematic vis-à-vis the holiday at hand, or something reflecting a newsworthy item of particular interest to my readers?

This time around, I decided to do both. Sort of.

Just over a year after the 2016 general election, I would say that Americans most definitely have something to be thankful for in having dodged the bullet of a Hillary Clinton presidency.

Perhaps it is having engaged in such in-depth coverage of the Obama administration over the preceding eight years that made the indelible impression on me with regard to Clinton’s malevolence.

Perhaps it was my having been in a position to become aware of each and every nefarious act involving Hillary Clinton during that period.

In any case, this knowledge imparted the certainty that a second Clinton administration would probably have been even more lawless and amoral than the Obama administration.

Hillary Clinton served as the 67th U.S. secretary of state under Obama from 2009 to 2013, a position likely negotiated with the Obama camp in trade for Democratic delegates who intended to support Clinton during the 2008 race.

This was a period during which U.S. foreign policy became the political equivalent of a sideshow exhibit.

Our allies were betrayed and disrespected, and the Obama administration cozied up to some of our most dedicated enemies.

Under Obama and Clinton, the balance of power between NATO allies and Russia was sabotaged; in Ukraine, the Obama administration supported nationalist neo-Nazis against more Russia-friendly factions.

With his 2009 “apology tour,” Obama himself telegraphed his intention to essentially defang the U.S. with regard to broadcasting power abroad.

Israel, our strongest ally in the Middle East, became the beleaguered stepchild whom the evil stepmother ceaselessly abused.

After catalyzing the 2010 Arab Spring, the Obama-Clinton State Department and intelligence agencies oversaw Egypt, Libya, Syria, Iraq and other predominantly Islamic nations in the Middle East and sub-Saharan Africa cast into a realm of chaos from which they have yet to emerge.

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