Is This The Greatest And Most Immediate Threat We Face, Short Of Nuclear Cataclysm? Expert Warns ‘This Is As Serious As It Gets’


by Stefan Stanford, All News Pipeline:

– ‘Everything We Need To Survive On This Planet Is Being Thwarted By Climate Engineering Operations’ 

According to this new story over at SYFY Wire, while solar geoengineering is being looked at as the radical solution for cooling a polluted Earth, we probably shouldn’t be doing it no matter how ‘cool’ some scientists think the idea is. Reporting that Strategic AerosolInjections allegedly help to cool the planet by reflecting the sun’s rays back into space, they also claim that the practice will ‘artificially recreate the effects of a volcano’.

Further reporting “just think of what happened when that killer asteroid sent up immense amounts of debris during the twilight of the dinosaurs”, we should also remember that back in 1816, what’s now known through history as the ‘year without a summer’ took place after the 1815 eruption of Mount Tambora in the East Indies, an eruption that resulted in major food shortages and deadly famine all across the Northern hemisphere. 

And while volcanoes all across the planet are now erupting as we recently reported on ANP, as we hear in the 1st video below featuring Steve Quayle and Dane Wigington on the Hagmann Report (Donate to the Hagmann’s here!), more than 100 weather modification patents can be found documented on Wigington’s GeoEngineering website, proving that geoengineering has been going on for much longer than the mainstream media would ever want us to know. 

 If you want to know about geoengineering and weather modification, this is a must-listen interview featuring information on HAARP ionospheric heaters to ‘Morgellons’ to weather warfare and much more leading us to ask, has America been under weather warfare in 2017? Are we geoengineering our way towards famine as we’re warned of in more detail below?  

In Steve Quayle’s book “Weather Wars & Un-Natural Disasters” he warned us “Technology will make available, to the leaders of the major nations, techniques for conducting secret warfare, of which only a bare minimum of security forces need be appraised… Techniques of weather modification could be employed to produce prolonged periods of drought or storm”. And as we’ve seen in the bizarre weather across America throughout 2017 as we’ve documented numerous times on ANP, massive geoengineering and weather modification appears to be taking place. 

While the mainstream media still calls weather modification ‘fake news’ or a ‘conspiracy theory’, we’re getting more evidence every day there may soon be a ‘mass awakening’ as the ‘gatekeepers’ have no choice but to enlighten the masses. As Steve tells us in this video, when the msm uses the term ‘fake news’, its because the topic being discussed is something  they don’t want us to know about. 

Yet from the absolute failure of the recent Hollywood movie ‘Geostorm’, which took a look at weather modification totally out of control and attacking the Earth, to admissions coming from both the former head of the CIA John Brennan and the governor of the state of North Dakota Doug Burgum, weather modification is being thrown into our faces so the msm may soon have no choice but to admit geoengineering or risk their further irrelevance. 

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