by Joseph P. Farrell, Giza Death Star:

Great Britain’s Nigel Farage is at it again, this time calling for an investigation of Darth Soros’ influence within the European Union, according to this article from RT:

Nigel Farage calls on EU to investigate George Soros funding, collusion

As Farage makes it clear, Soros is “connected” to the EU Brusselscrats and has been influential in the policies that have spawned a backlash in Europe against the migrant-refugee policies being pushed by Berlin and Brussels, a policy which has cost Chancellorin Merkel dearly in the last German elections, and which has seen a new, and very young, Chancellor opposed to those policies installed in Vienna:

Farage, the leader of the Europe of Freedom and Direct Democracy Group, believes Soros has spent billions in the EU to undermine the nation state. “When we are talking about offshore money, when we are talking about political subversion, when we are talking about collusion, I wonder if we are looking in the wrong place.

“And I say that because George Soros recently gave Open Society, which of course campaigns for freedom of movement of people and supranational structures like the European Union, $18 billion. And his influence here and in Brussels is truly extraordinary.”

Farage said Open Society boasts it held 42 meetings in 2016 with the European Commission, and has published a book of reliable “friends” in the European Parliament. There are 226 names on the list, he says. He told those MEPs he would be writing to them to establish whether they had accepted money or help from billionaire investor and liberal campaigner Soros.

“If we’re going to have a debate, and talk about full, political and financial transparency, well let’s do it.  So I shall be writing today to all 226 of you, asking some pretty fair questions: Have you ever received funds directly or indirectly from Open Society? How many of their events have you attended? Could you please give us a list of all the representatives including George Soros?”

The article goes on to reference Hungarian Prime Minister Victor Orban’s own difficulties with Soros, and sports a picture of Jean-Claude Juncker next to the Sith Lord. Hungary, of course, has all but banned Soros and has made his various “charities” the subject of investigation.

And that’s interesting, because according to this article over at Zero Hedge, the Hungarian media is now in the US’ crosshairs:

Meddling’? The US State Department’s New Program To Take On Hungarian Media

Which brings us to today’s very high octane speculation. In last Thursday’s News and Views from the Nefarium, I reviewed the various theories concerning the connections between the Las Vegas shooting and the Saudi coup and the arrests of people like Prince al-Waleed bin Talal who, according to some sources, is the 34th richest man in the world. In that review, I pointed out that some people believe that the Las Vegas shooting was really a coup-and-assassination plot gone wrong, since it is now rumored that King Salman himself may have been the target of an assassination attempt at the Tropicana Hotel and Casino, which would explain the early reports of shootings there, and the removal of a man from the facility under heavy escort. As a result of this, so the theory runs, President Trump dispatched Jared Kushner to Saudi Arabia with a dossier of damning evidence, and Prince Mohammed Bin Salman launched what, in effect, may be turning out to be, not a coup, but a counter-coup. But in the midst of all this theorizing, I also pointed out that some believe that the Antifa protests, which were scheduled for Nov. 4th, and which fizzled, were because the funds that were supposed to have arrived to  pay all the “crisis actors”, never showed up. According to the theory, the Antifa money never showed up because some of it was coming from Saudi sources who had just been arrested and their assets frozen by the Prince through various Saudi banks.

Well, if so, then that puts a rather intriguing spin on this story:

Did billionaire leftist George Soros break his promise to ANTIFA?

Assuming for the sake of argument that the story is true, then this would seem to connect the group, and Soros, to the Saudi coup and Las Vegas stories.

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