Establishment Elite Are Freaking Out – ‘We All Wake Up Thinking, Who Is Next?’


by Susan Duclos, All News Pipeline:

On October 12, 2017, when ANP reported on the existence of the “Sh*tty Media Men,” list being used as a type of whisper network by women in the media industry to warn other women in media of men that they think treat women inappropriately, right on the heels of a massive Hollywood scandal rocking celebrities, and we wondered if this was an utterly brilliant plan by someone like former White House Chief Strategist Steve Bannon to take down the liberal establishment elite, using a 4-pronged attack against liberals in Hollywood and the media by 1) Exposing them 2) Forcing them to eat their own by using their own ‘victimhood’ mentality against them to 3) Destroy them, in order to 4) Take away their influence on the general population.

Now on top of those two predominantly liberal industries going into meltdown mode, new reports also engulf the Clintons, DNC,  and deep state members in two other separate scandals.


From Hollywood to the liberal MSM networks and all the way to the bastion of liberal politics the California capitol, accusations are exposing new names almost daily, which has The Hollywood Reporter  asserting that “Panic” is hitting  the “Hollywood and media elite” as people in both industries “wake up thinking ‘Who’s next’?”

“When I first got it, there were 12 or so names on it, and you could see people editing it,” says Evans. “I still remember even then thinking how few men there were on it considering how many of them have power.” She left her computer for a few hours, and when she returned, the number had ballooned to more than 50 (a version obtained by The Hollywood Reporter includes 72 names), covering an array of outlets, including The New Yorker, The New Republic, The New York Times, Harper’s, Mother Jones, BuzzFeed and New York. 

The wave of sexual harassment and assault allegations against powerful men in the media and entertainment industries in the wake of allegations against Harvey Weinstein shows no signs of abating. Those who have been suspended, resigned, fired or shunned since Weinstein’s dismissal on Oct. 8 include Roy Price at Amazon Studios, Nickelodeon animator Chris Savino, Vox Media editorial director Lockhart Steele, Screen Junkies creator Andy Signore, CBS Diversity Comedy Showcase director Rick Najera as well as political author and NBC News analyst Mark Halperin, fashion photographer Terry Richardson, NPR executive Michael Oreskes, New Republic publisher Hamilton Fish and literary stalwart Leon Wieseltier, whose new magazine Idea was canceled by Laurene Powell Jobs’ Emerson Collective.

Their list is large, yet not as extensive as what we are seeing even this morning, as they miss the allegations against stars like Kevin Spacey, now accused of fondling younger boys, which has cost him his show “House of Cards” after executives decided to cancel the show amid the growing scandal. They also left out the scandal now engulfing Rolling Stone magazine journalist Matt Taibbi who is suffering massive backlash over a 2000 memoir that details his past behavior toward women, Taibbi now says the book was a fictional ‘satire’,” despite the fact that the book contained a note at the beginning saying it was “nonfictional.”

Hollywood List: The list of Hollywood figures has grown exponentially, some accusations more extreme than others, and they implicate names like Director James Toback, Actor Dustin Hoffman, filmaker Brett Ratner,  Actor Ben Affleck,  Celebrity chef John Besh, Actor Jeremy Piven, Fashion photographer Terry RichardsonBob Weinstein (Harvey’s brother), Celebrity magician David Blaine, new allegations against convicted child rapist Roman Polanksi, and Rapper R. Kelly

Media Men List: The list of media men engulfed in scandal, other than the ones listed above, have included left-wing  journalist Sam Kriss whose work has appeared in publications including VICE,  The Guardian, The Atlantic, Slate, The Baffler and the New York Times, UK political correspondent for GQ (formerly Gentlemen’s Quarterly,  Rupert Myers, who has also written at the Guardian and the Independent,  E! News correspondent Ken Baker, VICE writer, Michael Hafford, who wrote male feminist content, and has also writtenfor Refinery 29, Playboy, and Rolling Stone.

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