Bombshells in Bundy Ranch Case: Government Witness Confirms Bundy’s Claims


by Tim Brown, Freedom Outpost:

In a stunning turn of events following Judge Navarro’s order that the prosecution turn over all evidence regarding video and agents at Bundy Ranch in 2014, reports are coming out the evidence that was not allowed to be presented in the previous two trials was shown to the jury on Wednesday and that evidence basically shutdown the prosecution from any rebuttal.

In a video report from John Lamb and Kelly Stewart, who attended the trial and have been reporting on it live from Nevada, said that such evidence as photos of snipers surrounding the Bundy house four days ahead of the impoundment, unlike the prosecution claimed, and photos of Bureau of Land Management agents with guns trained on protesters, as well as other acts of aggression by the BLM.

“We had a great day,” said Lamb, who has been reporting on the trials since they began.  “The government hasn’t been able to object to one thing with the new evidence that’s been provided.”

Lamb said that this was due to the newly released evidence, which has now been deemed to be relevant.  The jury is now seeing the real face of the central government’s tyranny, and I’m guessing that one again, it is not going to go well for Steven Myhre.

There were several bombshells in the trial too.

One was a government witness by the name of Mary Ann Rudwell stated on the witness, under oath, that their only goal was to impound the cows to either give them back to Cliven Bundy to let him put them on his 160-acre ranch or sell them and give them the money.

Of course, we know that the BLM, led by criminal Daniel P. Love, did far more than that in setting up “free speech zones,” killing cattle and threatening and acting violently towards protesters.

All the defendants are being charged with extortion, and now we’re discovering that the extortion charge is absurd!

According to this witness, she admitted that they didn’t have in order to sell the cows to keep the money.

Who was actually paying for the impoundment? The central government, wait, that’s you and me in taxes.

Furthermore, Lamb produced a document that one of the attorneys for Cliven Bundy gave him that was part of the evidence.

The document shows the trespass fees that Bundy owed, and guess what?  It was only $8,815 and that’s for over ten years, not millions or hundreds of thousands of dollars that we were told by the media and central government propaganda outlets.

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