This Is About to Get Very Ugly, Very Fast – Bannon Vs Establishment ‘Season of War’ Explodes And Bannon Is Doubling Down, Not Backing Down


by Susan Duclos, All News Pipeline:

The ‘bombshell” report against GOP Senatorial candidate Judge Roy Moore, accusing him of inappropriate sexual contact with “teenagers,” nearly 40 years ago, is not about Alabama, not about Moore, but is rather the establishment attempting to “slow down” Steve Bannon’s promised “season of war” against establishment Republicans.


Former White House Chief Strategist Steve Bannon backed Judge Roy Moore to become the GOP candidate for the Alabama senate race, which Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell and establishment Republicans backed the establishment incumbent, Luther Strange.  Bannon’s candidate won, establishment’s lost, which Bannon referenced when he declared a “season of war” against establishment Republicans.

Enter Washington Post, stage left, the establishment’s choice of paper to malign, lie, and offer “fake news” stories to the masses, offering a hit piece against the candidate opposing the Democratic candidate the Post previously endorsed, who had documented ties with far-left groups financed by George Soros.

Wapo reported that Moore, when he was in his early thirties, dated younger women, in their “teens,” three of which were over the age of consent, which is 16 in the state of Alabama, according to their articles of code, and none of the “accusations” by those three women included anything of a criminal nature, nor included intercourse or anything more than kissing, so the addition of them by Wapo was nothing more than salacious fodder in an obvious hit job.

The last claim comes from a women 52 year old Leigh Corfman, that accuses Moore of inappropriate sexual contact when she was 14 years old, so that is  the only actual accusation that would include anything that would have been a crime then, but to which the statue of limitations has expired on now, and there was no allegation of rape.

Judge Moore has categorically denied contact with Ms. Corfman, telling Sean Hannity “I had nothing to do with this. This is a completely manufactured story meant to defraud this campaign,” making this a he said/she said issue. 

Unfortunately in the absence of any police reports filed, which there were none made, nor any legal charges leveled at the time or now, it comes down to credibility, which is why Moore highlighted that he had been in public service for more than 40 years, in his initial statement after the Washington Post article was published, just four weeks before the election is to be held, in which Moore held a substantial lead.

Today, the Judge Roy Moore Campaign for U.S. Senate issued a statement responding to yet another baseless political attack by the Washington Post, a paper that has endorsed Judge Moore’s opponent. Moore campaign chair Bill Armistead released the following statement on Thursday afternoon: 

“Judge Roy Moore has endured the most outlandish attacks on any candidate in the modern political arena, but this story in today’s Washington Post alleging sexual impropriety takes the cake. National liberal organizations know their chosen candidate Doug Jones is in a death spiral, and this is their last ditch Hail Mary.

“The Washington Post has already endorsed the Judge’s opponent, and for months, they have engaged in a systematic campaign to distort the truth about the Judge’s record and career and derail his campaign. In fact, just two days ago, the Foundation for Moral Law sent a retraction demand to the Post for the false stories they wrote about the Judge’s work and compensation. But apparently, there is no end to what the Post will allege. 

“The Judge has been married to Kayla for nearly 33 years, has 4 children, and 5 grandchildren. He has been a candidate in four hotly-contested statewide political contests, twice as a gubernatorial candidate and twice as a candidate for chief justice. He has been a three-time candidate for local office, and he has been a national figure in two ground-breaking, judicial fights over religious liberty and traditional marriage. After over 40 years of public service, if any of these allegations were true, they would have been made public long before now.

Moore’s resume is out there, his credibility has been unquestioned in this area until these latest attacks.

Washington Post on the other hand has suffered a severe credibility problem for a number of years, from outright fake news stories which had to be corrected and retracted about Russia, to their failure to disclosed the close ties between their owner, Jeff Bezos and the CIA, when reporting on stories that include CIA sourcing or about the agency itself, and their failure to disclose that one of the “accusers” in their article about Moore worked at one point for the Clinton campaign and as an interpreter for Joe Biden and other Democratic candidates.

Ms. Corfman is the unknown and since the Post story went public, there has been a number of details revealed about her, which is a distasteful part of establishing credibility in a ‘he said, she said,” situation where there is no court case, police record or prior claim. Those include that Corfman has been divorced three times and had declared bankruptcy three times, neither of which is relevant to the actual claims by Wapo, but then we see that she has allegedly accused several pastors of making “sexual advances” on her.

Disclaimer: ANP is on record in multiple recent articles over the sex scandals engulfing Hollywood right now, speaking about people being found guilty in the court of public opinion, rather than a court of law, so while we are not piling on to Moore, or “defending” nor attempting to “protect” Moore, we are highlighting the facts as we see them and looking at the past actions and claims of all involved here, in order to form an opinion on credibility, because while Corfman’s charge is old, it is also an extremely serious allegation.

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