by Joseph P. Farrell:, Giza Death Star:

Yesterday I blogged about that JFK documents release, and the curious presence within the tranche of documents of a Hitler survival sighting in South America that was passed through the CIA’s chain of reportage. My fundamental problem with the document was not what it was reporting, but rather that it was part of the JFK release at all. What does Hitler’s survival possibly have to do with the JFK assassination. Well, obviously in my opinion, it has a great deal to do with it because I argued for a fascist presence and involvement in it in my LBJ and the Conspiracy to Kill Kennedy.  One could, I argued yesterday, take the document as a bit of deliberately planted “fake stuff” for the purpose of having a bit of fun at the expense of people like me. But as I noted yesterday, I don’t think this document’s presence in the tranche of documents released was merely “accidental misfiling” or a case of “planted documents” (for whatever purpose,”fun” or otherwise), but was a document somehow genuinely linked – in the intelligence community’s mind – with the assassination. Why?

Very simple: there are a number of odd “fascist details” hovering in the JFK assassination, from Jack Ruby’s curious statements about Fascism in the assassination, to Lee Harvey Oswald’s strange associations with it, from Marine buddies overhearing him speaking German, to the presence of the name, address, and phone number of George Lincoln Rockwell – president of the American Nazi Party – in his notebook, to even stranger connections in New Orleans involving Dr Mary Sherman, famous Cancer Society president Dr Alton Ochsner (and his strange fascist connection to his most infamous patient, Juan Peron), and so on. Given the other fascist traces in evidence in the JFK assassination, I argued that the presence of the Hitler survival document in the tranche was not accidental, nor a bit of deliberate obfuscation, but rather a reflection of an overall pattern.

Well, the same sort of argument might be applied to this article shared by Mr. V.T.:

Interestingly enough, one document confirms the CIA link to the mafia (well-known and discovered and adequately argued by JFK assassination researchers decades ago), by mentioning a CIA briefing on the same subject given in 1961 to then Attorney General Bobby Kennedy. Additionally, there is, toward the end of the article, mention of “Operation Mockingbird,” the agency’s infiltration of major media outlets, and specifically one such journalist was covering the assassination in a prominent American newspaper, a point which raises questions of its own concerning the appearance on American talk radio of certain individuals pushing the Warren Report narrative in the wake of the documents release.

What really struck me however, is again the strange presence of documents having to do with mind control in a supposedly JFK documents release. Again, is this simply a case of “misfiling” or “deliberate obfuscation”, or is the topic somehow germane to the murder of President Kennedy.

Again, the same type of argument as employed for the weird presence of the Hitler survival document seems to be employable here as well, for some assassination researchers have pointed out the strange presence of possible mind control in the midst of everything else, particularly in the case of Jack Ruby. After having shot the alleged assassin of the President on national television during a “routine prisoner transfer”, Ruby was hustled upstairs to the holding cell (the very one that Oswald had just left!), where for quite some time he appeared to be nervous, agitated, out of sorts… and then, when informed that Oswald had died and that it looked like “it would be the (electric) chair” for him, Ruby, rather than becoming more distraught and upset with this news, instead became quite calm and seemed almost relieved. The strange behavior led some to speculate that perhaps Ruby was under some sort of mind control.

… and then, of course, there is the President’s brother, Attorney General and later Senator Robert Kennedy, and his assassin, Sirhan Sirhan…

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